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Tantric sex. Definition and how to practice it

Tantric sex. Definition and how to practice it


This concept dates from ancient Hinduism. Tantric sex is some sort of meditative sex, where the result is not the climax but enjoying the sexual experience and sensations of the entire body. It aims to move the sexual energy throughout the whole body for enlightenment, healing, and transformation. Tantric techniques are excellent at solving sexual complications such as anorgasmia, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

Knowing one’s body

This type of sex highly encourages couples to get to know very well their own bodies and become in tune with them. By understanding the desire and the pleasure of your own body, you can experience deep sensations and also highly improve your sex life. This will lead to better sexual fulfillment and a more intense climax. There is no doubt that is extremely useful to engage in tantric self-love or masturbation. The more a person knows about his body and erogenous zones, the more likely he is to have a satisfying sexual experience. On the other hand, if a person doesn’t want to masturbate and has a partner, then he might feel more comfortable learning about his partner’s body. Coventry escorts can teach you how to practice tantric sex.

Knowing one’s partner’s body

Tantric sex is about honoring the body of one’s partner and not only yours. If you take your time to explore to the fullest every inch of your partner’s body, you can create a fulfilling experience for both people. You should consider giving your man or your woman an erotic massage to learn about his body and help awaken his sexual energy.                                                   

This method will also help a person become in tune with his partner’s desires.

Preparation for tantric sex


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There are some things that any couple who wants to try tantric sex should do. Let’s take a close look at them:

  • Make sure you do your research: The more knowledge you have about this type of sex the better your experience will be.
  • Set aside them: This sex is about moving slowly and being as intimate as possible. You need to be in the moment for a great result. In some situations, it can last up to an hour or even more. So, set aside some time to fully enjoy the experience.
  • Prepare the mind: It can be quite difficult to focus on the moment if you are stressed or worried. That’s why you should meditate for at least 10 minutes before tantric sex.
  • Make sure the environment is a relaxing one: Finding a good and quiet place for tantric sex is essential. The temperature in the room, the lights, some scented candles, and relaxing music are aspects that must be considered.

Building the moment with oneself

For the best experience ever make sure you practice mindfulness. This type of sex encourages people to be 100% present in the moment. You need to focus on your bodily sensations and breathing. A self-massage will help you experience some unforgettable sensations. Touch your body as much as possible and try different moves to see what you like the most. All these touches may lead to an intense orgasm if you are completely relaxed and in the moment. So, make sure that nothing distracts you.

Building the moment with a partner

To build the moment with your partner you must adopt a hand-on-heart position. For a deeper connection, couples must sit cross-legged and face each other. Feel the connection and also don’t forget to synchronize breathing. Tantric sex is about experimenting, so try to stay open to what feels great.  Eye contact is also important, as it may deepen the connection and heighten intimacy. This type of sex is meditative and involves exploring sensations at the moment. So, the entire process must be a slow and enjoyable one for both partners. Date professional escorts who fuck for the best tantric sex ever.

Breathing techniques

Breathing is a very important part when it comes to tantric sex. This type of sex revolves around meditation. During tantric sex, both partners must focus on breathing deeply through the diaphragm. They must take a deep breath through the nose for at least five counts. They must feel how the stomach inflates. Then, they must exhale through the mouth also for at least five counts. 

Synchronizing your breath with your partner will highly increase connection and intimacy. Kapalbhati is a breathing technique that people can try for obtaining the best results. This also helps prolong ejaculation in males. When a man feels that he is close to ejaculating, he must forcefully exhale through the mouth and then engage in a inhale through the mouth.


There are lots of positions that people can try when having tantric sex. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones:

  • Yab-yum

In this position, one partner sits with their legs crossed while the other one sits on his partner’s lap, wrapping the legs around his waist. Then, they both embrace and try to synchronize their breaths. This position is also great for masturbation. For even better sensations you can sit in front of a mirror.

  • The relaxed arch

For this position, the man must sit on the bed with his legs straight. The woman gets on her knees and sits on the man’s lap. The woman slowly leans back and rests her head between his partner’s legs. The position is not hard to try and it offers amazing pleasure.


Tantric sex is probably a new experience for lots of people. It can be very useful to experiment with the various aspects of this type of sex, in order to discover what works best for oneself and one’s partner. Make sure both of you are feeling super comfortable. There are lots of positions you can try with clothes on.

You don’t have to be completely naked to have tantric sex. So, choose the option that makes you and your partner feel very comfortable. Tantric sex encourages people to use all their five senses. By being in the moment and mindful at the same time, people can focus on all the senses. This will highly enhance the experience.