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Sex positions that offer intense orgasms

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Anyone can have an intense orgasm if the position is the right one. In some positions, women do not feel too much and they find it really hard to have an orgasm, if not impossible in some cases. Therefore, sex specialists have found which positions offer a better stimulation and more intense sensations, for both women and men, so that they can experience the most amazing orgasm ever. Let’s have a look at them:


This position is simply awesome because when the woman raises her legs, this narrows the vagina and it also helps target the fantastic G-spot. The woman must lie back with her legs resting on the partner’s shoulders. London escorts who do anal usually prefer sex position because it offers intense pleasure.


This sex position is absolutely amazing. The man must sit on a chair, or even on the edge of the bed or the edge of the couch, while the woman faces him, seated on his lap. In this position, the man is in control when it comes to the angle and depth of the entry and thrust. In plus, this position adds support, which means that it is perfect for marathon sex sessions. If you want to make it even hotter, then we recommend you to put your hand on your body or on your partner’s body, so that you can make things extremely interesting.

Pretzel Dip

If you want to improve your sex life and experience the best orgasms ever, then make sure you try this position, whether you do it with your partner or with escorts who fuck. The woman must lie on her right side, while the man must kneel and straddle her right leg in order to penetrate her. In this position, the penetration is as deeper as it is in the doggy-style position. In plus, you can easily make intense eye contact with your partner, which is definitely extremely exciting. In order to make it hotter, get your man to rub your clit.

Doggy Style

This is a very popular position but the orgasm can be extremely intense if you know exactly how to keep your legs. Instead of keeping them close one to another, you should open them as wide as you can. By doing so, you will be penetrated very deeply, and bot of you will feel amazing. Furthermore, in this position, the G-spot can be very easily stimulated. The woman can also stimulate her clitoris with one hand, or the partner can easily do it for intensifying the sensations.

Cowgirl’s Helper

This sex position is quite similar to the cowgirl position. What you have to do as a woman is to kneel on top, pushing off your man’s chest as well as sliding up and down the thighs. The man helps you by supporting some of your weight while grabbing your hips or thighs. In this position, it will be put a lot less stress on the woman’s legs, and this actually makes the climaxing a lot easier.