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30 Oct 2021


26 Nov 2021

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About me

Tall Amazonian British transgirl x

Hiya, greetings, and blessings🙏 My name is Samantha, but my friends call me Sammi ❤ I am very different in my profile and words, I am spiritually evolved, loving, caring, and giving. I am created this way as I believe my purpose is to help people find their way, once sought in their dark times of personal struggles and crisis, I am truly honored to have been there for many humans in physicality and online presence throughout the past few years, and before that, worked professionally in the care sector and homeless prevention act, I am very much a mother hen and my wings stretch wide in cradle ❤

I am an experienced bottom girl, so unfortunately I don't top but I enjoy being pleasured and feeling the energy of the moment of pleasure and lust and I can cum a tremendous amount if I am comfortable and warm and I am very open-minded, I go with the flow and I've been told very often that I one of the best fucks and my sucking skills are amazing, this is because I genuinely love sex and pleasing my partner ❤

I am more suited to the girlfriend experience, indoors or going out with you. I'm very good at communicating and I'm very adventurous and not shy in the slightest, wether it be for dinner and drinks, the movies, shopping or even just walks out. I can talk about anything and I listen well. I will talk with you, eat with you, cook for you (although my cooking is terrible) ❤

I accommodate in my lovley and discreet flat in ilkeston town centre (de75) with parking on the front and rear and with a local council ran carpark on south street, directly opposite my building, but unfortunately I don't drive or outcall, but willing to be collected ❤

I am by no means glamorous nor would I want to be, I am me and this vessel has carried my spirit well, as imperfect it is, I am tremendously happy and confident in residence, as we should all be ❤ We are all imperfectly perfect, never think differently, be ashamed or BE shamed. We get one chance to learn and experience this existence, make those memories looking back the happiest to your ability❤

I am intimate, tactile, and very experienced in life. Witty and clever, and with lovely humor, I'm very good at settling nerves and making people feel comfortable and always aim to leave you with a smile and pleasant memories ❤

I prefer to meet professional gentlemen due to my own life experience and as humble as I am, crassness and rudeness disrupt my beautiful energy and I am more than happy to politely decline an offer, regardless of how much I am offered, my circle is strong and trusted and in return, I am trusted as a confidant and a keeper of secrets❤

I do apologize but I don't work much, as I primarily escort when I am contacted by people and families who struggle to feed themselves or their household who have fallen on bad times, as we all have and possibly may do in the future. I am not a born escort or performer but I feel if I can make a little difference to life and outlook on life, I have done my job as an average human and I only ask they pay it forward in human kindness themselves when they have risen from their fall, as I, myself had fallen with grace. This is my small gift, my promise, my honor, and pleasure❤

I refuse to hold wealth or be corrupted by monetary gain, I exist to enable others to survive and I am blessed to stand alongside many souls worldwide in unity and in peace

As long as there is light in our souls, there is hope. You are not alone and you are equally valued and loved 

Thank you so much for reading my profile, I wish each and every one of you blessings and love and if you feel you would like to spend time in my presence, you are very welcome to WhatsApp me but I am unable to reply via SMS text❤  I love you all ❤💜💙💛🧡xx

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