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Why men love women’s breasts so much?

Not infrequently you have heard that men love women's breasts, but have you ever wondered why? Well, the representatives of the strong sex consider breasts the true "jewelry" and are very attracted to them, whether small or big.

Small or large, breasts are a really precious thing for men. If you didn't know why they like breasts, here are the unique reasons, which you would never have thought about. Lost of men have sexual fantasies about breasts.

Therefore, they date Glasgow escorts to make all their desires come true. Some guys love small breasts, whereas others love huge breasts. Let’s see what reasons men have to love breasts so much.

guys love small breasts

The breasts calm them down

Yes, it's no joke. You've probably noticed that your partner often puts your head on your chest and starts playing with your breasts. This works as a true natural soothing and induces your partner in a state of well-being and total relaxation. He forgets about stress and anxiety and starts to calm down and relax.

So, when you see your partner slowly touching your breasts, you must let him do this. He will feel much better and your connection will improve a lot.

The smell of the breasts drives them crazy

Each woman's skin has a special odor, the smell after which men are absolutely melted. So it is no wonder that your partner loves to kiss your breasts and be as close to them. He will touch your breasts and smell them before having sex. This is something normal. In fact, it is something that is strongly related to the memory of when they were babies and their mums had to breastfeed them.

Breasts are the basic element in the sexual act

When a sex party is about to start, the prelude should never be forgotten! For this, men "spoil you" with kisses on the breasts, comforts, and many other sensations that give you well-being. And from the breasts, everything starts ... down!

The general perception that men feel attracted to physical appearances, such as big breasts and long legs is actually a myth. Several studies conducted on the male personality have revealed that the representatives of the strong sex fall at the feet of a woman who makes them laugh.

They also like women who take risks of any kind and have strong and optimistic personalities. Therefore, it is not enough to look good to attract a man. They also say that beauty is not the main criterion in terms of female attractiveness.

Here are five female features that men find attractive.

  1. Inclination of the head

The researchers found that the inclination of the head can make the woman more attractive in the man's eyes.

In this study, men were shown photographs of women made from different angles and in different phases of the menstrual cycle. Scientists have come to the conclusion that men found more attractive those photos in which the woman's head is slightly inclined. Plus, they found it very attractive those in which women are in the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.

  1. Love for risk

According to several studies, men consider quite attractive those types of risky behavior.

For example, men will appreciate the woman's ability to climb mountains. But the desire to drive the car without the seat belt will most likely create an impression.

  1. The sense of humor

Women love cheerful men, and men also like cheerful women. Research shows that the "sense of humor" is one of the main qualities that people want to see about their partners. Researchers have found that men appreciate their partners' ability to laugh at their jokes more.

While women want their partners to have a good sense of humor, men want the same. So, make sure you make your man laugh as often as possible if you really want him to love you like crazy. The sense of humor has the power to make any person feel good and safe, and also forget about all the problems.

  1. Emotional opening

The study showed that people who hold this quality are quite attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. Scientists believe that men are usually attracted to those women that understand them.

This understanding activates the reward center in the brain, which forces the man to make a choice in favor of such a woman. So it is proven that the road to the man's heart is through his brain. An emotional opening can make a pretty strong impression on the man.

  1. Personality

For the man, beauty is more than the skin and beautiful hair. During the study, men were divided into two groups and were asked to evaluate women. The first group only evaluated the aspect, and the other also evaluated the characteristics of the personality.

The results have shown that the positive features of the personality - are a factor that can change the perception of men about female beauty.

mens love huge breasts

Being beautiful is not enough

So, as you can see, men do not only look at a woman’s body. It is true that this aspect is also important, but it is not enough to fall in love. In order to be attractive, a woman must also be intelligent and have empathy. She must be very feminine and know how to make a man laugh and feel good about himself.

Unfortunately, today, lots of women believe that if they look good, they can attract any man they want. This is true, they do attract all men, but not in the long-term. If you want to attract the man of your life, you need to focus on all aspects of your life. You must love yourself and let the man discover you step by step.

Do not show him who you are from the beginning. Instead, be patient and let the man see the good in you and all the benefits he will get if he chooses you. And, most of all, make sure you have open-minded.