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Which city is more prudish: London or New York?

London and New York are two of the most beautiful cities in the world. Each of them has its own beauty and charm. Which one is more prudish? Well, the answer depends on personal experience. It depends on what you actually want to experience. If you want to have fun, you can have a great time in any of these two cities.

On the other hand, when it comes to prudish, we are referring to the attitude to sex and sexual behavior. So, we are comparing an amazing city in Europe with another amazing one in the USA. Continue to read this article for more interesting information.

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London is the city of lights and it has plenty to offer

If you are looking to have a memorable time and unique experiences with an escort in London, then this city is a wonderful choice. This city is stunning from many points of view. London is more prudish than most countries in Europe. This is why plenty of people choose to date professional escorts here. They know they can easily find an attractive girl and spend some quality time with her.

Moreover, gay people are also accepted here, not to mention that trans people are not treated differently. They are all accepted by society and they all have the same rights. You will often see plenty of trans, gay, and lesbians on the street or in other public spaces. They feel free and accepted in England, and not only in London. The mentality here is very different than in many other parts of the world. People are open-minded and less judgmental.

Who wouldn’t like to live in such a place?! London is a diverse city and a very attractive place to visit. It doesn’t matter what you want to do on your vacation. Here, you can do anything. There is plenty to see and do. Even if you travel alone, you can look for an escort agency and hire a female or male companion. Professional escorts can be hired for a company, sex, traveling, and erotic massages. It’s up to your what desires you want to fulfill.

New York is gorgeous and extremely prudish

You simply cannot deny that New York is a stunning city, just like London. In fact, the United States is extremely prudish by even the most conservative European standards. In comparison with London, we could say that New York is not as relaxed as the British capital. New York is crazy. It is busy and it seems like today is already yesterday. People are living their lives at the highest speed.

The city is super busy, but this is its charm. Not everyone can live here, there is no doubt that NYC is not for everyone. On the other hand, if you only want to visit and live some incredible sexual experiences, then this is the right place for you. You can meet all sorts of people. There is a wide number of escorts agencies where you can find many types of sex workers. It doesn’t matter what sexual experience you want to have.

There is a sex worker for everyone. You can either have passionate sex with a hot escort or you could enjoy an erotic massage. You could spend some quality time with a beautiful lady and visit the city. In fact, this is something that lots of men who are traveling choose to do. They hire a beautiful and charming girl to keep them company on their vacation. They go out and visit the attraction, they have fun in clubs, and they experience sex at a different level.

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Both cities are full of sex clubs and sex shops

If you love sex and you want to try as many things as possible, then you can choose to visit any of these cities. Whether you are in New York or London, will be able to do everything you want. You will find kinky shops on nearly every corner. Plus, there are lots of bars and clubs with escorts, gay people, and even trans. When it comes to sexuality, this is an aspect that is not judged in any of these cities.

Things are quite good from this point of view and people are not judgmental. They are very open-minded. This is exactly what you need if you want a memorable sexual experience. Whereas in other cities, sex is still taboo, even nowadays, in these places people consider sex a very important part of their life. So, as we mentioned earlier in our article, it depends on what you actually want. It is up to every person to make a choice. Yet, the truth is that both these cities are amazing.

Make your vacation an unforgettable one

So, you have decided that you need a vacation, and you don’t want to have a boring one. Therefore, you must choose between London and New York. Well, you need to make a choice depending on your budget. Yet, it is important to know that both these cities are expensive. And, if you really want to have an amazing time with a gorgeous lady, you can.

But they are also quite expensive. We would say that this is something you need to do at least once in your lifetime. You should consider spending some unique moments in one of these cities. From the stunning skyscrapers to the vibrant atmosphere and happy people, you will enjoy yourself to the fullest of your vacation. And, if you also have a beautiful girl at your arm, then everything will be perfect.

Professional sex workers are great companions. They know how to treat you with respect and make you feel incredible. They have a massive life experience, which is why you will have plenty to learn from them. There is always something new and exciting to do with an escort. Whether you have a fetish or a fantasy, you can make it real. You have the opportunity to fulfill your desires, no matter how kinky they are.