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Where is the weirdest place you have had sex?

Sex is not some kind of one-size-fits-all activity. It can also include several acts with a variety of different individuals in all sorts of places. It is true that most people want to have sex in a bed, but there are also some people who get pretty creative. How creative, you may ask? Well, you will certainly be surprised to find out what locations some couples choose for sex. Here is how creative people can actually be.

Some people are surprisingly creative

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enjoy having sex

There are also couples who like to try all sorts of new things. They like to have sex in various locations. They don’t like the routine, which is why they always look for new places to experience intense feelings and sensations. Many of them enjoy having sex in locations where they are at risk of getting caught. In the following, we will tell you what the most common and weirdest locations couples reported having sex are.

What are the most common and weirdest places people have sex?

Other than the classic bed, the most common locations couples reported having sex in are a car, the kitchen, and a movie theater. When it comes to the outdoors, many couples also like having sex in the backyard, on the beach, on a hiking trail, and on a highway rest stop. Some of these places might be common, but others are certainly very weird. And if you think these are weird, wait to find out about other locations as well.

Some of the oddest places people have admitted to having sex are: fast-food drive-thru, their boss’s new desk, behind a convenience store, dentist's chair, on a train track, in a barn surrounded by animals, inside a haunted-house attraction, and even on the parking lot of a stadium. Obviously, these are not all the places where couples choose to have sex. Some people take things to the extreme. For example, those who have sex while driving. Of course that this is a very dangerous thing to do, but as you can see, it happens.

choose to make the moment as romantic as possible

Others choose to make the moment as romantic as possible, by actually having sex under a waterfall. And, what’s the best way to beat the cold? Well, by having sex in the snow. Certainly, this is not something that too many people would do. Overall, no matter where you choose to have sex, what’s most important is to have your sexual experience with someone you really like. This will make the whole moment an unforgettable one, and both of you will feel more than satisfied.

Public sex is not for everyone

Let’s be honest, public sex is definitely not for everyone. For example, car sex is without a doubt a public sex staple, one that can be quite hot. Yet, it is cramped in there and the angles are all wrong. Overall, it is low-key uncomfortable. Also, there are high-risk situations. Let’s take another example. Beach sex is super fun, but there are also lots of chances for other people to see you, which means that you will not be able to enjoy your sex session.

Hammocks are a great recipe for disaster, even when you are climbing into one to relax and read a book. So, what’s the appeal? It can be super exciting to have sex in a place where people don’t normally have sex but are you ready to assume all the risks? There is something to these creative sex locations. Some couples said that having sex other than in a bed makes them happier and sexually fulfilled. Others said that having sex in an adventurous place makes them feel closer to their partner. If being intimate in an unusual place sounds like a great idea or something you would like to try, then you need to make sure it is something all parties involved are into.

The exhibitionist streak can be in many people

The truth is that scientifically speaking, there is no reason as to why people choose these experiences. You will be surprised to find out that the exhibitionist streak can also be in introverted people. For some couples, the appeal of sex in public may be taboo. When a couple is having an elevator quickie, there is an extra level of excitement there. Both partners are aware they are having ’’risky sex’’, and this idea offers them plenty of pleasure.

Dopamine, the reward chemical, comes into play. If you get away with having public sex, your brain will feel rewarded and euphoric as well. Sex in weird and uncommon locations is exciting, pleasurable, and rewarding. These are the reasons why our brains during the climax look almost identical to a brain on heroin. So, if you are looking to try something new and different, then you can choose a public place where you can have a sexual experience with your partner. Or, if you are single, you can hire a call girl and do something really exciting.

No matter what your fantasy is, you will certainly make it real in the best way possible, by hiring a professional escort. Intense sensations and an explosive orgasm – this is what you will feel when dating a hot lady from the sex industry. But, don’t forget that you must be prepared for such an experience. We are not talking about being ready physically, but mentally. If you know exactly what to expect from a moment like this, you will not have any unpleasant surprise. You will only enjoy the moment to the fullest.