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What does sex mean for women?

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There is no doubt that sex is different for women than it is for men. All women see it from a totally different angle. They find sex as a deep form of love as well as connection, and most of all, lots of women are very sexually oriented. While a man’s orgasm is a lot quicker, hers is in most cases a lot more powerful. A woman’s capacity for pleasure could include in many situations, multiple orgasms. Continue to read this article in order to find out what sex actually means to women.

Sex begins in the mind

A woman’s body is very different hormonally than a man’s body. Testosterone is the one that causes physiological desire in both genders, but its level is quite different. A man’s hormonal drive is actually a loud scream, whereas the woman’s hormonal drive is a whisper. Women need to have a fantasy in order to get to the orgasm, whereas men don’t. For them is enough just to look at their partners and touch them, and they will quickly have an intense orgasm. When a woman is thinking about you, her sexual appetite gets really high, and therefore the arousal is extremely easy.

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Sex is contextual

There are lots of women who reach orgasm through self-stimulation. Many of them actually begin their sexual lives within a serious relationship. The first time, women are being touched for the first time may be by another person, whereas lots of men start their sexual lives with masturbation. From this point of view, women are totally different than men. Women love being touched, hugged, and kissed by their partners before the penetration as these gestures make them feel loved and appreciated, whereas men don’t have such needs.

 In many situations, relationship ups and downs make women protect their heart in a way that men cannot do, due to their biological drive. A woman’s need to feel safe from the emotional point of view, before the sexual intimacy, cannot be overstated. Romance as well as seduction are some excellent ways that men and women as well can co-create the perfect context for sex. Therefore, couples should not forget about these important aspects, even if they have been together for several years.

Sex is about being desired

Some women are a lot more visual than others. However, knowing that a man wants you really bad can also make you become horny. It’s only the thought that excites her. Knowing that a man is extremely hungry for her, actually engages the woman’s imagination and most of all, it ignites sexy thoughts in the brain. After marriage, women usually have lots of expectations when it comes to continuing romance that will assure her of her sexual desirability. All of us like to know we are desired by another person, whether we are talking about men or about women .