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Were you ever spanked by a stranger bare-bottomed?

Sexual fantasies. We all have them, but not all of us talk about them. Even though it is believed that only men have fantasies, this is not true at all. Women as well imagine all sorts of hot things, but they just don’t admit it.

For example, spanking is one of the most popular sexual fantasies that both women and men like. And we are not talking only about young people but about elderly people as well. In fact, we could say that there are more elderly men who love this fantasy than younger ones.

What you must know about bare bottom spanking

High-class escorts absolutely love this. We could say that this is a more common sexual fantasy in women than in men. Yet, when it comes to men, there are some guys who simply love bottom spanking. You would be quite surprised to find out that these men are very wealthy and respected in real life. But, because they run important businesses and everyone listens to them, they love being submissive in the bedroom.

bare bottom spanking

So, we could say that this is something psychological and emotional as well. Yet, this type of fetish doesn’t represent any problem whatsoever. On the other hand, when it comes to women, many ladies love being spanked because this excites them a lot. It makes them tremble with pleasure and experience more intense orgasms. Being bottom spanked while being fucked is definitely exciting and hot. And, to be honest, we don’t think that there is any woman who wouldn’t like it.

Some girls like it harder whereas others like it softer. But, one thing is sure and that is the fact that bare bottom spanking can increase your sexual pleasure, and it can do it quite a lot. If you are a man, and you would like to put this fantasy into practice, then we suggest you hire a hot and sexy escort. These babes are open-minded and for them, sex is about intense pleasure and 100% satisfaction. They will do anything to please you and to make you feel incredible in bed. You simply need to enjoy the moment to the fullest and let your escort bottom spank you.

This fantasy can be done in many ways

Well, the truth is this is a quite versatile fantasy if we could say so. For example, some men dream of having sex with a young girl dressed in a school uniform. This fantasy doesn’t end here, because they dream of bottom spanking her while fucking her. This is something that offers them great sexual pleasure and super intense orgasm. Also, there are elder men who dream of dating young girls with whom they can try this sexual fantasy.

As mentioned earlier, there are also men who love being spanked by a hot and mature lady. Are you having one of these sexual fantasies? If so, then you can find an escort agency and hire a professional call girl. These women are specialized in lots of sexual fantasies and fetishes. They are gorgeous from all points of view. They are sexy and very experienced. You can now date naughty schoolgirls who love being bottom-spanked. The best is yet to come. They love being spanked while being fucked hard in their pussy or even in their ass.

This is what they love the most, and if you love it as well, then go for it. Anal sex can be super satisfying but only when you try it with a professional. So, escorts have the necessary experience to enjoy to the fullest a hot anal sex session. If the girl you date is very naughty, then spank her over and over again until she is good to you and does what she is told. Spank her the way she likes it and the way she asks you to do it. If you haven’t tried this fantasy, then maybe it is time to do it. You will never know if you like it or not if you don’t try it. So, go for it and forget about all inhibitions and rules.

Do you dream of being spanked while enjoying a deep sexual pleasure?

enjoying a deep sexual pleasure

If the answer to this question is yes, then what you must do is to look for a stunning escort. Look for a hot babe that will make you forget about everything once you step into the bedroom. With an attractive body, lots of experience, and very seductive, your fantasy will be unforgettable. Just imagine how would it be to see your escort only in lingerie and high heels, waiting to be bottom spanked? Super sexy and exciting, isn’t it?

To go even further with your fantasy, let’s imagine that the woman will wear leather and she will have plenty of BDSM experience. Well, if this is one of your fantasies that you would like to make real, then hire a sexy and naughty escort. She will warm you up with kisses and touches, and even with an erotic massage if this is what you want. Then, she will make things even hotter. Since an escort is a professional she will know how to satisfy to the fullest even the most demanding client. She has enough experience to take sex to another level and to accomplish even the weirdest sexual fetishes.

Step into her playroom and what will follow will be memorable. If you have watched ’’Fifty Shades of Grey’’, then you certainly understand what we are talking about. Also, note that if you are a woman, you can also satisfy this desire by hiring a male escort. There are plenty of hot gentlemen out there who cannot wait to take you to heaven. They have super attractive looks, are very respectful, and know how to make a lady feel like a real woman from all points of view. There is something about these guys that will drive any woman crazy in bed.