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Weird things that men ask escorts to do

Weird things that men ask escorts to do

Escorts have met over time different categories of men with various requests. Some of these requests are normal, whereas others can be considered quite strange and unique. Psychologists say that all people have sexual fantasies and fetishes, but only some of them can show a real psychological problem. Here are some of the weirdest things that men ask escorts to do.

Foot fetishes

There are lots of men who get really excited when seeing women’s feet. Even if the foot fetish is quite common, it is still a quite weird thing to do. Some men even get really horny even if the escort has her shoes on, especially if she wears high heels. Many times, sex workers have revealed that they have had clients who just licked their feet and then left, without actually having sex or an orgasm, which is definitely extremely weird.

The brunch date

This is another weird thing that clients ask for escorts to do. In most cases, they set up the brunch spread and then have sex before they eat it. Once the client and the escort have finished having sex, they eat, and then the client leaves. Why do men hire girls who escort in London so often these days? Well, because they have all sorts of fetishes in mind that they want to put into practice.

The total creep

Even if it’s hard to believe, there are clients who create a peephole so that their friends could watch while the escort is satisfying them. These people are definitely the kind of people that you would cross the street to avoid.

The guys who do not want sex

There are also lots of clients who simply do not want sex from the escort. They just want to talk and cuddle. Furthermore, some of them even pay the sex workers to spend the night with them and sleep in the same bed but without even touching.


Many people, especially men, are aroused by simply sucking on the escort’s nose. They usually have sex, but before that, they suck and lick the escort’s nose for several minutes. Pretty weird, isn’t it?! Also, if you are wondering why don’t escorts kiss, then what you need to know is that they don’t do that because they find this act extremely intimate, and no matter how weird the client’s fetishes are, they simply do not want to kiss them.


This type of fetish involves playing with another person’s hair, or just staring at someone’s hair. Sex workers have revealed the fact that lots of clients get horny by simply doing this. This type of fetish is not a complex one, but we definitely think that it is quite weird.



Clients who like to be humiliated

Usually, these clients are very wealthy and they run important companies or businesses. Due to the fact that they are being leaders in their real lives, they simply get really horny when they have this type of experience. Therefore, they ask the escorts to disrespect them and humiliate them before as well as during sex.