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Ways to take sex to another level

Way to  take sex to another level

Aside having sexual comfort as well as emotional intimacy with your partner, there are a few practical tips that will help you take sex to another level. Here is what you should do in order to experience something totally different and amazing.

Switch up the routine

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Incorporate toys

Toys have been and still are absolutely wonderful when it comes to sex. Manual as well as oral simulations are excellent, but there is certainly no harm in accepting a little extra stimulation. Even if your partner already knows what buttons to push to make you go crazy in bed, by adding some sex toys into the mix you will surely improve your sex life. More than this, going together to the sex shop in order to pick out a toy will be a little fun.

Masturbate more

Masturbation is not only for those who are single but for those who are in a relationship as well. There are lots of benefits that masturbation offers, even when you are in a long-term relationship. You should take your time in order to honor your body as much as possible through masturbation.

Make your fantasies come true

You should always trust your partner in order to put into practice all your fantasies. Even if it feels quite awkward to bring up any fetishes you want to explore, don’t be afraid to talk about them with your partner.

Focus on foreplay

Many couples don’t pay attention to the foreplay, which is without a doubt a huge mistake. It is okay to have a quickie every now and then, but focusing on foreplay will help you and your partner as well experience deeper sensations and orgasms. It is highly recommended to spend quality time focusing as much as possible on the foreplay. You should take your time to kiss, hug, touch, and lick your partner’s body, without focusing on the result. Just enjoy all these moments, and you will see how amazing and incredibly intense the orgasm will be. In plus, you will feel a lot more connected with your partner, and the connection between you will be stronger and deeper. A sensual massage will also be great, and you should definitely try it in order to take sex to another level, and have new amazing experiences.