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Is it true that escorts do not like to kiss?

When it comes to escorts, we all know that these women offer sex for money. But, their services include much more than just intimate moments. For example, they can also be great companions and friends for those who feel lonely.

Yet, many people wonder if these ladies kiss their clients. Well, this depends on various factors. Continue reading to find out more about this subject.

If escorts kiss their clients or not depends on the type of clients they are spending time with

So, let’s make this clear. There are exclusive escorts who have regular clients. With these clients, they do some things that they don’t usually do with new clients. For example, they trust them enough to go to their home or to invite them to their place. Also, they trust them enough to even have sex without protection. Yes, even if this is hard to believe, there are professional escorts who have sex with men without a condom.

professional escorts who have sex

If this is a good choice or not, who are we to judge? Then, we have those escorts who offer a complete girlfriend experience, which means they do everything that a girlfriend does. They go with their clients on vacations, they have dinner, they spend quality time together, and they kiss. They offer everything from affection and attention to amazing sexual experiences. They do this with pleasure and they enjoy it.

Don’t think that they do it just for money and they don’t like it at all, because it is not like that. They simply love being affectionate with men and they like offering them the attention they need. Most of these men are in long-term relationships and even marriages. But, unfortunately, they are not happy. They are not understood and accepted for who they really are. So, they are looking somewhere else to satisfy their deepest needs. As you can see, the role of an escort is really complex.

Believe it or not, some clients even fall in love with their escorts

Yes, these situations happen, and they happen really often. There are many clients who fall in love with their escorts, which is why they continue seeing them on a regular basis. Therefore, they actually enjoy kissing them and they don’t do it as a fantasy or something like that. There are also cases when the escort falls in love with her client. So, kissing is somehow inevitable. But, in most situations, kissing between the escort and her client happens only when these two agree on that.

Let’s not forget that the art of kissing is more intimate than sex. It is a special moment between two people, and it usually happens when there are feelings. Just think about it. Would you kiss anyone if you don’t have feelings for them? You would probably not do this. Also, ask yourself. Would you have sex with a person you are not in love with? Chances that you do so are certainly very high, especially if you are a man.

Women need to be in love to have sex, whereas men have sex either way. So, as you can see, kissing is, without a doubt, a very intimate moment. But, if you find an escort who you like and who you feel comfortable with, then you can also try kissing her. When both the client and the call girl are attracted to each other, business and pleasure are actually the very same thing.

It is also important to pay special attention to your health

professional top escorts

Whether you are an escort or a client, it is very important that you never forget about your health. This aspect is extremely important. So, if you don’t trust your escort or if you are at your first experience of this type, then you need to be precautious. You must use protection when having sex, and kissing should be avoided. Note that through saliva, there can be transmitted lots of viruses, some of them really dangerous.

Even if you feel like you want to kiss your escort, don’t do it. First, discuss this aspect with her, and get to know her first. She will certainly want to do the same. As mentioned earlier, escorts also are very cautious when it comes to their health. They do kiss some of their clients, but only when they get to know them better and trust them. So, it should be the same for you as well, as a client. Don’t just go with your instinct. You are not a child.

Take your time to put everything in balance and see if this is the right thing to do or not. And, as we said earlier, talk as openly as possible with your girl and make a decision together. Escorts are very open-minded to all sorts of things in terms of sex, but they might refuse such an intimate act like kissing. Even if this doesn’t happen, remember that the girl you are dating will still make you feel incredible. She will treat you nicely and with respect, and she will do everything to make you feel incredible.

But, you also need to offer the same respect back if you want to enjoy incredible services. Treat her like a lady and she will treat you like a king. These days, you can easily find any type of escort you want. You can date young and mature escorts as well. Women with different nationalities and personalities are there for you and ready to satisfy you just like you want it.

A date with professional top escorts is the best choice you could make, as you will live some unique moments. We highly recommend you to only date a top escort if you really want to receive what’s best. Don’t just go for the first escort you find. Instead, look for one that is super attractive, hot, intelligent, chatty, and friendly as well. Pay more for her services, and you will enjoy a quality time that you will never forget.