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Things you should not say during sex

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When two partners are between sheets, their entire focus should be on their pleasure and nothing else. Well, this doesn’t happen all the time, and there are actually lots of couples who prefer talking during sex. In some cases, the right words can boost the pleasure, whereas in others they can create a huge discomfort. Here are the things that you should never say during sex.

You are kind of weird

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Are you done yet?

This is a common mistake that lots of women make. If the man doesn’t finish in a short time, they ask this question. Well, intimacy should be a real pleasure and you should enjoy it to the fullest. You should never ask your man if he is done yet. You are having sex, you are not doing something stressful, and you will know when each person is finished. Therefore, make sure you don’t ask this question because it is definitely not good manners and your partner will not feel very nice.  

Focus on him and not on what you must do tomorrow

There are women who don’t refuse their men even when they are not in the mood for sex. This is a huge mistake and you should never do this, because your partner will certainly feel that you don’t want to make sex with him. Therefore, if he doesn’t feel desirable, he will not create a beautiful moment but a stressful one for both of you. Just tell him that you don’t feel okay or that you are tired, and the next day make sure you do everything to please him.

I’ll just do it myself

It is a known fact that women don’t have orgasm as easy as men, but you should never say to your partner that you will just do it yourself. This is very rude, and moreover you will highly frustrate your partner. Instead, you should communicate and tell him what you like the most and what you actually want him to do. This will help you reach the orgasm a lot faster and the connection between you and your partner will be a lot deeper as well as stronger than before.