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Sex positions that you must try

We all know that the missionary position is very common, yet very boring. Life is too short to not introduce diversity in intimate relationships. As long as both partners are eager to escape from the trivial, the limits lose their meaning. When the atmosphere is warming up, you need to try extravagant sexual positions.

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A position highly sought after by partners who first put eye contact. Stretched on the back, the woman will cross her legs around the partner's waist, whose posture will be on her knees. The advantage of the man, along with the generous visual angle, is the total control he has over the intensity and rhythm of the movements. The advantage for the woman is in the ease with which the man can stimulate her clitoris with a single touch.


We all have heard of the French kiss. Named by the French word that designates the thigh, this position reinterprets the sex on the back. It is considered a crossing of the bodies, tempting for those who are not followers of easy penetrations. The contact takes place on the woman's thigh. Also, the closeness of the lips incites prolonged kisses. So, if you and your partner love kissing each other while having sex, then this position will be perfect for you.


There are couples oriented to romance, which prefer the slow pace, scented sticks, and Joe Dassin's music. They prefer having sex after an intimate dinner. They will not opt for this position that involves intense physical activity and even firm gestures. Relying on the palms, the woman is penetrated from behind. The man must perform deep and determined movements. In exchange for the short contractions received from the partner, he will provide comfort on the buttocks and breasts.

Face to face

This is another exciting sex position that any couple should try. Sitting, like her partner, the woman is holding her neck to balance her body up-down. The physical condition is more than necessary. Why? Well, it is not necessarily due to an excessive effort, but from the need for an endurance that will bring them much desirable ecstasy. In this position, both the man and the woman will experience a very intense orgasm. There is also a high chance for the woman to have multiple orgasms.

Sex on the run

The scenario of a quickly consumed sex session si something that you and your partner should try now and then. If the partner is not disturbed to reveal the lower half of the body, and the man has the resources needed for rapid contact, then go for it. Sex on the run is super exciting and it can improve your intimacy. Yet, it is not recommended to happen too often.

You can have sex on the run in any place you want. It can either be your car, in a restaurant bathroom, in nature and so on. You can choose together a location that attracts you and where you can be sure that nobody will see you. You surely don’t want to have problems, so it's best to be cautious. Make a plan and stick to it if you really want a sexual adventure with your partner.

The crosses

If you are part of a couple who loves the unconventional, you have certainly tried this position. Even so, it never breaks a recap. The man must be lying on his back and sitting underneath. Sitting on top and with the legs opened, the woman must move easily on the diagonal. This position is ideal for easily concluding a larger series of contacts over a passionate night. In fact, such a position is perfect for a couple who are deeply in love. Their connection will highly improve. Try it and you will understand what we are talking about.

spice your sex life

By what tricks can you spice your sex life

It is not mandatory to burn the stages of sex if you have decided to experience it with your partner. XXX movies abound with clichés that can prove disastrous in real life. Yet, the appetite comes from eating. If you notice that each experiment increases your curiosity, you may be surprised that the woman or man next to you increases the stake of pleasure.

Choose a different sexual position every day of the week

An orgasm a day holds the doctor at a distance. The proverb does not exist, but it would make great sense if we think that every day you do not reach ecstasy is wasted. If your partner is just as passionate, do not waste important creativity reserves and do not use the same position every time you have sex.

Create exciting action with sexual games

An erotic game once in a while will highly improve your sex life. Try one in which the woman or the man has his eyes tied. During this, he or she is forced to hold his hands at home, while the partner gives him commandments. The temperature of a sex party increases to the boiling point. In the beginning, you will laugh like teenagers, but you will quickly arouse and long play until morning.