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Sex positions that offer intense pleasure

If the moon honey has ended and you are bored of everything you do in the bedroom with your partner, then it is time for something new. It is clear that you have to take urgent measures. Little salt and pepper must be added to your sexual life. Be open to new sex positions and you will experience intense pleasure. Below we propose some interesting sexual positions that you can be tempted to try:

experience intense pleasure

On the wooden seat

The partner is sitting in the chair, while the partner flashes, supporting his feet on the floor until he forms a 90-degree angle. Once penetration occurs, the partner begins to move forward and back at the desired pace. For this technique or for any other position that you want to try, you can hire Milton Keynes escorts. These girls have so much experience that they will make all your desires come true. Also, if you are single, then this is a great way to experience sex at a whole different level. It is your chance to make all your fantasies come true.


He stays standing and after he gets into his arms with his face, you inclasp the waist with his feet. He penetrates and begins to push. It is good to support a wall or a hard surface that opposes resistance when you hit it. In this position, both of you will feel lots of intense pleasure. If you haven’t tried it so far, then this is the perfect time to go for it.

The lazy crosspiece position

It is ideal for lazy mornings, in which both you can afford to delay in bed. Stay in the spoon position, then cross your feet. The partner puts his foot between his legs, and he puts a foot above and after penetration begins to move forward and back. The position has the advantage of deep penetration with minimal effort from both of them.

Sexy puppet

Stay on the wall and back to your partner. While he pushes, lift your hands over your head. Then slide slightly on the wall, dragging your feet, like a puppet. Thus, he will penetrate you in the back of this position, for which you need some strength and balance.

In front of the mirror

This is a super sexy position that you must definitely try with your partner. Once penetration occurs, you have to watch each other in the mirror for extra pleasure. You should be in the front of the mirror and your partner should penetrate you from behind.

Maneuver the wheel

Initially, stay in the position of the missionary. Once your partner penetrates you over, he can turn you to 180 degrees until you change your position. This will allow him to penetrate you from the back. The position is interesting because you reach multiple positions during the rotation. This means more pleasure and an experience that will not be boring at all.

position of the missionary

Position of the dog

Stay stretched in bed on your belly, with legs as relaxed as possible. Thus, the partner penetrates your back and raises you lightly, in perfect penetration. You will just raise your ass, as much as possible, while the rest of the body will stay sticking to the bed.

With hand underneath

After he penetrates you, he can easily insert a hand under his own leg, as much as you have to have comfort. If you are very flexible, you can try to pick up, and possibly you can sit on his shoulder. The position will also allow extra stimulation with your hand. Even though this position requires more flexibility, you must definitely try it as it offers intense pleasure.

At a wide-angle

Once penetration occurs, stretch slightly on the back. The position will allow extraordinary depth and the partner benefits from a wonderful picture of the breasts.

On the floor

Although it is not easy to have sex without having any support point, this position will definitely be pleasing. The partner will succeed in offering you an orgasm much faster thanks to the inclined angle. Penetration will be deeper and you will feel intense pleasure. If you are not flexible enough, try to bend your knees just a little. Let your partner penetrate you from the back. Start with light movements, then enlarge the rhythm.

On the stairs

This position will allow your partner to penetrate you very easily and find your G point. This position is a great one and it will surely offer you lots of pleasure. You must kneel in front of your lover at the base of the stairs. Make sure you both sit on a step. Keep the stairs in front and pray your partner to encompass you with your hands around your waist, to have more security.

The magic mountain

maximum sexual pelasure

It is a position that your partner will adore, it will be able to penetrate back, which will give you both maximum pleasures. Sit a few pillows on the floor, one over another, then lay on them, letting your body relax. The partner has to sit above you, both of you in the same direction, having the chest sticking to your back and the arms supported on the pillows. You can help pillows to easily remove your legs, so your partner can penetrate much easier.

At the wall

This sexual position is part of the fantasy of any woman. There is no way that you will not love this position, whether you are a woman or a man. It is very comfortable for both of you, and if the woman bends a bit, the man can easily penetrate her really deeply. This sex position is one that you should try it more often, especially if you are planning to make your intimate life more satisfying.

Don’t forget that intimacy is very important for any couple. There are lots of interesting things you and your partner can do, and if you love each other then you should experience together everything you have in mind.