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Positions for best female orgasm

Positions for best female orgasm

We are hearing all the time that we could have a better intimate life, amazing orgasms, and better relationships. But how women can reach a more intense orgasm a lot faster? Well, there are some positions that can help them obtain this result. Therefore, let’s have a look at the following positions for the best female orgasm.

Coital alignment technique

If you want to reach an intense orgasm in a short period of time, then you must definitely try this position. Begin in missionary position, with your partner on top of you, while you have your legs wide-opened. Have your partner pull his body than it usually is in this position, but instead of thrusting in and out, the man must focus a lot more on grinding against your pelvis. This is an excellent position for lots of women. By changing the alignment of the pelvis, your partner’s pubic bone will rub up against your clitoris, and this direct stimulation will help you reach the orgasm a lot quicker. This position is perfect for women who are quite shy when it comes to trying a bunch of crazy positions. The coital alignment technique is a very intimate position, as well as low-stress at the same time. If you are a single man but you would like to try this position, then you have the possibility to hire a sexy escort from uEscort.

Girl on top

This is a very simple position but with an amazing result. Here is how to do it. Have your partner lie on his back, while you climb on top, holding one leg on either side and the other one of his torso. It is very important to focus a lot more on rocking your body back as well as forth. Another excellent thing you can do is to grind your pelvis in slow circles. This is one of the most popular positions for many women, due to the fact that it offers them complete control over many aspects, such as the angle, the pace, the depth, and the level of stimulation. There are plenty of variations of this position, which is definitely a versatile one. On the other hand, this is not one of the more intense positions for men, which actually means that he will last a lot longer. Usually, cheap London escorts are highly experienced in terms of sex, and they know all sorts of positions that can offer extremely deep orgasms.

Doggy style

Another common position that most couples try, and that offers an intense orgasm for women, is the doggy style. Get on your hands and knees and try to be as comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy the fullest experience. Your partner should be behind you and he should also hold onto your hips while he will thrust away. You can stay still, or you could push your hips back against your partner. Due to the fact that this position allows deep penetration, the orgasm will be extremely intense, because your partner will easily stimulate the G-spot. Furthermore, in this position, the woman who likes clitoral stimulation will find very easy to use their hand or a sex toy in this position.