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Non-sexual things you can do with escorts

people who are dating escorts

For many people, the main purpose of hiring an escort is to have sex or experience some of their most hidden fantasies or fetishes. However, there are also people who are hiring escorts these days for other things as well. Here are some non-sexual things you can actually do with escorts, things that will surely be extremely pleasant for both of you.

Why a person actually wants something non-sexual with an escort?

This is a very common question when it comes to people who are dating escort girls for something else than just sex. Well, the truth is that there are many people who are going through bad breakups and they need someone who they can talk to about their problems. Many of them do not have close friends or they are afraid that they will be judged. Therefore, they prefer hiring an escort for having someone to talk to about their feelings as well as about their problems. In fact, this is something extremely good for those who are going through breakups.


Erotic massages are also very common these days, and lots of male clients hire sex workers for these services. Some escorts are trained in offering the most professional and amazing sensual massages. You should never say no to an erotic massage because this experience is definitely an unforgettable one. How to use escorts is not complicated at all and what people must know is that they are not there only for sexual satisfaction.


Cuddling is another purpose for hiring an escort. This non-sexual thing is quite common these days, and lots of women, as well as men, date sex workers just for cuddling. This amazing feeling of being close to a female or a male without actually having an erotic and sexual intention in your mind is basically orgasmic on its own. You will certainly be surprised at how many people are looking to do this. In fact, the demand for cuddling is so high at the moment, that there are lots of companies created with the sole intention to offer something that it’s called a cuddle buddy. Escorts all over the world have reported that during their ‘’career’’ they have had lots of requests to cuddle. Therefore, if you really want an escort to become your cuddle buddy, then you should not be worried to ask that. The lady you will hire is definitely more used to hearing this type of request than you think.

Date night

If you don’t know how to hire escorts, then what about planning a date night? Date night is another wonderful non-sexual thing you can do with an escort. Similarly to cuddling, date night is very common when it comes to clients who hire escorts. Lots of sex workers would say that they have gone through their fair share of customers who paid a full rate, but in fact, they just wanted to take out the sex worker to a nice dinner or to the movies. Date nights are definitely quite expensive, and you must be aware of this before you actually hire an escort for this type of service.