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Most common sexual fantasies

Most common sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies are normal and all of us have them, whether we are talking about men or about women. These fantasies can improve our sex life and they can make us feel sexually fulfilled. Therefore, it is highly recommended to put all of them into practice. Here are the most common sexual fantasies that people have.

Rough sex

Another common sexual fantasy that usually men have is rough sex. Sadism as well as masochism and bondage are very popular these days, and lots of people go for these fantasies, even though it is from curiosity. BDSM is all about the consensual exchange of power in a sexual or in a nonsexual situation. Being sexually submissive is extremely arousing for lots of people who are in control most of the time outside the bedroom. These fantasies often include blindfolding, spanking, needle play, or electro play. It is very important that once you decide to have such an experience you establish boundaries, take it slow, and talk through what the roles are. Anyone who wants to experience rough sex must know how escorts work, as these sex workers are professional and they are doing an excellent job.

Multi-partner sex

This is one of the most common sexual fantasies, especially when we are talking about men. Gentlemen absolutely love satisfying two women at the same time and being satisfied by two gorgeous and passionate ladies. Group sex is also very popular these days, and there are plenty of swing clubs all over the world where people go for satisfying their fantasies with strangers. Why is the sex group so hot? Well, sex specialists say that this fantasy is so hot for many people because in this type of fantasy you are actually the star of the show. The idea of a group of people who want to have sex with you is a very important part of the turn-on. Threesome as well as orgies create sensory overload. There are multiple bits, poles, smells, tastes, and sounds that simply make you go crazy. Anyone who wants to know how to meet escorts who are professional must look for a reliable and serious escort agency.


Open relationships are also very common these days, and this is actually considered sexual fantasy. Non-monogamy means that you and your partner agree on dating and having sex with other people as many times as you want. There are lots of people who are cheating and are being unfaithful, but talking about this and accept the situation is not something that many people do. However, there are couples who agree on being unfaithful for a certain period of time or for their entire relationship. Some individuals, men, and women as well, know exactly that they want a romantic partner but at the same time, they want to also be sexually explorative with other partners. On the other hand, other people just want romantic relationships with more than just a person at a time. Once you can articulate these desires, it is highly recommended to talk to your partner. For making your fantasy come true hire now an escort from our website.