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Why so many couples have problems in their sex life?

Sexual problems couples are starting are more and more common these days. The reasons for such an unpleasant situation are multiple.

We are the architects of our relationships

People don't understand that a relationship needs work to be great. Both partners must make efforts, continuously, so that they can have a strong and fulfilling relationship. Unfortunately, lots of men decide to date female escorts Birmingham for sexual experiences. They should, instead, invest time and effort in their relationships so they can feel happy and satisfied. Communication also plays an important role.

fulfilling intimate life

Tell your partner what you would like to try in bed and what you don't like. Talk about your fantasies. Talk about your desires. Make your connection stronger so that you can have a fulfilling intimate life. Nothing in life comes easily. You must work to improve yourself and your relationship as well. We can blame the other, but in any relationship, both partners are guilty. Women should also love their bodies and feel more confident when they are intimate with their partners.

They should be more open-minded to try different things in terms of sex. They should satisfy themselves and their partners as well. In fact, the main reason why so many guys cheat is that they don't have an open intimate relationship. They cannot talk about their most intimate wishes because they are afraid they will be judged. And sexual education begins in childhood. This is the base for sexual problems in the couple later.

Where do sexual problems come from?

Sex is one of the relational pillars. No matter how hard we leave us accustomed to "we are fine and so, we have no problem", sex is important. We must admit this. It is a barometer for emotional health and an observable indicator when things are not appropriate. Factors that can contribute to couple sexual problems cover a palette with different pigments:

Limited, restrictive education

Education has the ability to inhibit or change sex perception. Parents must be very careful what they tell their kids. They must be very specific when they decide to talk about sex. Plus, they should not make the child feel ashamed in any way. When a child has some questions regarding any type of intimacy, the parent must know exactly how to start and have a conversation like this. Behind sexual problems in the couple, it is often the relationship we had with our parents.

Abuses and traumas

Abuses and traumas are in a risk area. It is not enough to popularize sexual education on TV, in the media, through the circles of friends. As a result of sexual abuse, incest, trauma, healing begins with the teenager who has sheltered the shadows of suffering. If this problem is not solved as soon as possible, then we get to the adult who is disinterested in sex, who repugns his sexuality.

Misunderstandings in the couple

Small (or large) and frequent quarrels are the keys to the great failures and sexual problems in the couple. Conflict may be healthy. It is appropriate to express our needs. We can counteract if we know that we have fixed our limits, and the conflict will not degenerate into a gust of screams. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can be even worse, and there can be mental or physical aggressions.

At the same time, endless conflicts, in which we stake on the same solutions attempted, lead to a stirred couple life, an unsatisfactory sex life. That's why it is very important to always have honest conversations with our partners. We should not be ashamed to talk about our fantasies and even put them into practice.

Depression, anxiety, failures

Even if they come with peculiarities, depression, anxiety, and failures can be overlapped in the case of sexual problems in the couple. Today, depression and anxiety affect lots of couples, especially their sex life. If you are sad, you obviously cannot concentrate on sex. You cannot enjoy sex to the fullest, and you can even avoid being intimate with your partner.

If this situation lasts only a short period of time, it is okay. Yet, if it becomes a behavior, then it will seriously affect the relationship. So, it is very important that you don't get to this point. If you already are in this situation, then you need to do everything you can to improve your sex life.

The birth of a child

With the appearance of a child, the roles change and prioritization can be made differently. The child occupies the most time in the family's life. Partners will focus on the child and this can seriously affect their relationship.

Performance anxiety

Fear that the partner will not be satisfied belongs to men. And that does not mean that women do not constantly carry their bags with fear or guilt. Yet, they are not as worried as men that they will not offer great sexual satisfaction.

offer great sexual satisfaction

Lack of attraction

After many years of relationship, the attraction may disappear. This is the bad news because the good news is that there are things you can do to add some salt and pepper to your intimacy. You can make it hot again. But, as mentioned earlier, this also comes with some work from both partners. For example, you should start with offering each other some quality time. You could choose to spend a night every week, just the two of you. On that night you can do anything you want.

Do not talk about work or kids. Instead, talk about you and about the things you like and what you want to try. Talk about your fantasies and make them real. Offer each other a sensual massage. Act like you are just starting your relationship. Do something new and interesting. Make sure that nothing will disturb you. By doing these things, you will surely improve not only your intimacy but your entire relationship.