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Male erogenous zones that you need to stimulate

Male erogenous  zones that you need to stimulate

There is no secret that women have some specific pleasure points that once they are being stimulated, they will lead to an intense orgasm. On the other hand, you might be surprised to find out that the male body also has some specific erogenous zones that when are being stimulated they will make orgasms a lot more powerful. If you want to offer your partner the most amazing pleasure, then take a look at the following important male erogenous zones that you need to stimulate.

The F spot

If you don’t know about this spot, then here is how to stimulate it. The frenulum is actually the spot where the glans meet the shaft. It is located just below the head. The concentration of nerve endings can be compared to the female clitoris. If you want to make your man go wild by stimulating this spot is to give him oral sex. Let your tongue easily slide over that spot, while you stroke it with your thumb and slowly move your fingers around the shaft. Escorts have a great experience in bed and they know all sorts of techniques for offering extreme pleasure. You can find them on uEscort, a reliable directory.

Soles of his feet

Well, your partner’s feet hide a very sensitive spot that will make him have a more intense orgasm. All men have a higher concentration of nerve endings right in the soles of their feet. This spot is situated in the front of the arch in the center of his foot. By pressing this point, you will actually boost flow throughout the body, and this will get the man all hot as well as bothered. Start the foreplay with a foot massage. Prepare a warm towel, which you will need to use for placing your partner’s feet.

The P spot

The P spot can be found inside the man’s anus, toward the base of the penis. This is without a doubt a hotbed of nerve endings, and in some ways, it is very similar to the female G spot. By massaging this area, you will give your partner a powerful orgasm. Before you finger your partner’s anus, you should talk to him about this so that you can be sure that he is comfortable with this experience. However, if he accepts it he will certainly not regret it because he will feel absolutely amazing. Choose one of the most beautiful blonde escorts, as these ladies know exactly what buttons to push for making a man go crazy in bed.


Believe it or not, the thumb is a very sexy spot for lots of guys. Sucking a man’s thumb can actually help him connect his mind as well as his body during lovemaking. You should start by gazing into the man’s eyes while you kiss his hand and suck on his thumb.

Gluteal fold

The gluteal fold is a very sensitive spot, and this is actually the main reason why lots of people like being spanked. The top where the man’s thighs meet his butt is without a doubt a surefire passion point.