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Interesting facts about men

Interesting facts about men

There are lots of facts about males that statistics don’t tell us. We all know that women live longer than men, men lie twice as often than ladies, and that men spend around one year of their lives looking at ladies, but there are so many other interesting thins about them that most of us probably don’t know about. This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. Therefore, here are some interesting facts about men that women must know in order to understand them better.


They have fantasies

All men have fantasies. This is a true fact and you must accept it. You can either try to communicate with your partner in order to find out what his fantasies are and make them come true, or you could ignore this aspect. It is up to you what you actually choose to do, but you should not be surprised if he cheats on you. In fact, this is the reason why lots of men date call girls. They want to make their fantasies real because they don’t talk with their partners about these things because they are afraid they are going to be judged. One of the most popular adulwork escort websites is uEscort. This is where lots of men are looking for adult work escort services, in order to satisfy their sexual fantasies. On uEscort are available all types of escorts, for all tastes, and the services that uEscort offers are highly professional.


They love compliments

Not only women like compliments but men as well. There are plenty of beautiful things you can say to a man in order to make him feel good. For example, you can say to him that you appreciate him for what he is doing for you, that you like how he looks, that you love him, and so on. Furthermore, every time your partner does something, even though in your opinion is not very good, you should support him and not judge him. Men don’t like being judged.


They are sensitive

Even though it is quite hard to believe, men are very sensitive. It’s just that they don’t like to show it because they consider sensitivity a weakness. In plus, society taught them that men should not be sensitive. However, deep inside, all men are quite sensitive and they need affection just as much as you do. That’s why you need to make sure you don’t hurt your partner because even if he doesn’t show that he is hurt, he will definitely suffer.


They want to see you happy

Many women will say that this is not true, because if it would be, then men would act in a different way than they actually do. What women must understand is that if a man doesn’t love them back the way they want, then this doesn’t mean that they don’t love them at all. It is just that males are very different than women, they act and think totally different than them, and that’s why their actions are not as expected. They show their love in a way that for most women is hard to understand.