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Important things to know before trying anal sex

Anal sex has always been a taboo subject, even before the Middle Ages. Over the centuries, many religions have condemned this practice.

How to practice anal sex correctly?

practice anal sex correctly

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Anal sex is a practice that can be really pleasant if it is done in safe conditions and correctly. It is not about respecting the rules. It is about maintaining hygiene before, during, and after, in order not to have consequences on your health later. Therefore, you must always use condoms.

By the practice of anal sex, certain infections can be contracted. This can happen if you don't use a condom. The walls of the rectum and anus can break very easily. This may be causing small wounds through which viruses and bacteria can easily enter the bloodstream.

In addition, these walls are absorbents. The semen or blood of the sexual partner can easily enter the body through the anal mucosa even if there is no wound. You don’t want to have or to cause health problems to your partner. What you want is to enjoy intense pleasure. Therefore, make sure you use a condom or you wash your penis very well before having anal sex.

Use appropriate lubricant

Anal lubricant is very important in this situation. It is mainly important to avoid painful penetration. Therefore, you must use sufficient lubricating on both the anus, your fingers and, on the penis. The use of the lubricant in anal sex will facilitate the fact that friction does not cause injury, both in the anus and in the partner's penis.

It is recommended that the lubricant is soluble in water because it is compatible with latex and this will prevent the condom to break. Some types of lubricants that are not ideal, such as grease or creams, may irritate the anal area, so it is better to avoid them.

So what we recommend is to use pretty dense water and silicone. It will keep you much longer and it will dry harder. Do not use oil lubricants, because they will end up breaking the condom latex. Keep this detail in mind before trying anal sex.

Do not use porn movies to learn

In any porn movie, you will see an anal sex preview. You will not see lubricating, the type used and you will not see the couple talking if they want to try it. Penetration should start slowly to allow time for the other person to relax. Inspiration and expiration facilitate the relaxation of the anus muscles.

The more intimacy and confidence you have in your sexual partner, the easier it will be to relax. This will help the sphincter dilate, penetration is not painful and you can have fun. You can use porn movies as stimulating support to exciting yourself, but to learn, never.

Do not make sudden movements

After inserting the penis or fingers, it is advisable not to make sudden movements. The receiver must be as comfortable as possible to fully enjoy this experience, especially if it is the first time. If the anus contracts, you must wait to relax again to eliminate what has been introduced. Otherwise, it may harm the other person.

You can practice individually

For some beginners, it is also advisable to relax with solo practice. For example, you can enter with your own fingers or better, anal dilators of different sizes. In addition, there are endless anal erotic toys that you can enjoy in private, either alone or with your partner.

What should you know about anal sex?

It is possible to have an orgasm: yes, you can have an intense orgasm as in the case of vaginal sex. During anal penetration, not only parts such as the prostate (in the case of men) are stimulated.

know about anal sex

There are also stimulated the nerves such as the pudendal and perineal (which connect with women's clitoris). This has nothing to do with sexual orientation: any woman or man, regardless of their sexual preferences, can enjoy anal sex.

Not only does friction offer pleasure

Although penetration is usually satisfactory, a vibrator can stimulate nerve endings. Do not use the same condom: either to have vaginal or oral sex. If you plan to have vaginal sex after anal (vice versa), it is quite important to change the condom.

You should apply the same thing with toys because it is easier to have a urinary or vaginal infection.

Do not use it as a contraceptive

Although the chances of contracting an anal sex pregnancy are extremely minimal, they are not non-existent. Sperm can easily pass from the anus to the vagina and cause fertilization. Using condoms will be the best way to avoid it.

Good hygiene should be maintained when you practice it. You can apply a shower or enema, you also have wet towels. Always try to wash before having anal sex (both the anus and the penis). Avoid using scented soaps, they can dry the area and cause infections.

Enjoy anal sex to the fullest

If you follow these steps you will enjoy anal sex to the fullest. It is very important to not miss any of these steps. All of them are important and will help you have the most amazing sexual experience ever. Anal sex is pleasant as long as you do it properly. It is different than vaginal sex, which is why you must take into consideration the advice we offered in this article.

Talk to your partner and tell him what you want. If it’s necessary, set boundaries. Don’t be afraid to do so. And, don’t forget to take things slow. Maybe you won’t succeed the first time. Yet, take it to step by step and it will be much easier.