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How to satisfy your woman in bed

How to satisfy your woman in bed


We all know that women are a lot harder to satisfy in bed in comparison with men. Yet, there are some techniques that men can apply in order to make their women feel amazing in bed and experience a deep orgasm. If you feel like you need to do something new for your girlfriend, then here is how to satisfy your woman in bed.

Every man should have enough experience to satisfy a woman

How can you actually gain experience when it comes to sex? Well, the truth is that every man should experience enough from all points of view, before actually having a serious relationship. Men should date more women or even London escorts, in order to learn more about women in general and about what they want in bed. Call girls are an excellent way to learn how to satisfy a woman. They know lots of sex positions and techniques, and they also know how to put into practice most of the sexual fantasies that men have. That’s why, gentlemen should date them for several times. This will help them gain the necessary experience to be able to fully satisfy their partner in the future. So, if you really want to become an expert in sex, then visit uEscort and have some amazing sex experiences with the stunning girls from there. You will see that in the future, your sex life will be a super satisfying one, for you and your woman as well. Do whatever you want as long as you are single. Later, you will most probably be in a romantic relationship and you will surely not be able to experience with other women anymore.

What you must know about women

Women and men are quite different when it comes to getting turned on. Many things that turn a man on don’t actually turn women, and vice-versa. Women need a lot more attention in bed, so that they can be ready for penetration and for having a great orgasm. They must be touched, kissed, and hugged as well for at least 15 minutes. On the other hand, men are ready for penetration right from the moment they get to bed. This is the main difference between men and women, difference that all gentlemen should be aware of. Most men are turned on visually, whereas women are not the same. Ladies are turned on more by how they feel as well as their imaginations. Also, men get turned on by a giggling bimbo that laughs every time they tell a joke. Yet, nothing turns off women more than some giggling dummy.

As you can see, there are a few clear differences between what turns on men and what actually turns on women. You need to master these differences in order to understand to master how to turn on a girl. Some men already understand this aspect, but what they do not understand is how to take advantage of all these differences when it comes to turning their woman on and offering her amazing sex. In general, men get turned on when they see something that they find really hot, when they hear something they find hot, and when they think of something they find hot. It is often that easy. On the other hand, women get turned on when they experience something that turns them on. This could be a romantic man, sexy memories, a sensual massage, getting a bit tipsy, and so on. Breaking things down, you can see now that ladies need three steps in order to fully let go and enjoy incredible sex with their man.



Make sure you remove the breaks to her sex drive

Lots of women experience several brakes that prevent them from getting turned on in the first place. For example, if a woman is stressed or tired, she will most probably not be in the mood for sex. However, what you can do in order to turn your woman on is to give her an erotic massage. This message will help her relax and reduce stress and anxiety, which means that she will be in the mood for sex. You can also prepare for her a hot bath with a glass of wine. If you really want to make her be in the mood, then you need to do these things and not expect to have sex with her without being relaxed and comfortable.

How to get her aroused

Once your woman is completely relaxed and she is not stressed anymore, you need to pay special attention to the arousal. Start by telling her how beautiful and attractive she is, while touching and kissing her on the entire body. All these details will make her want you even more, and she will be ready for sex a lot sooner than you would expect. It is essential to understand that for lots of women, the first thing they need to get turned on is not the type of foreplay that most men enjoy. Relaxation plays the most important role in this situation and if the woman is not relaxed enough, she will most probably feel anxious and she will not be able to concentrate on the moment. That’s why the man most knows exactly what to do in order to help her relax. She will definitely feel a lot better after a sensual massage or a hot bath, and she will also be able to satisfy you in bed.

Always be patient with your woman

Women don’t like men who are in a hurry when it comes to sex. Women like to take their time enjoying the moments before the penetration. They absolutely love to be kissed and touched all over the body. This way, they feel they are loved and wanted by their partners. That’s why it is very important for the man to pay attention to all these details. It is alright to have a quickie from time to time, but most of the time it is recommended to not hurry into the penetration.