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How to make love and not sex

How to make love and not sex


Making love is very beautiful as well as intimate, and the connection that is being created between the two partners is absolutely amazing. On the other hand, having sex can be very satisfying, but it cannot be compared to the feelings and sensations that you will be experiencing while making love. Therefore, here is how to make love and not sex.

Usually, people who are in love with each other make love and not sex. Sex is all about physical pleasure, about having your physical needs satisfied and feel relaxed and comfortable with your partner. You can either have sex with someone you know or you could choose to date a sex worker. No matter what you choose, you can easily have sex and be completely satisfied. On the other hand, if you want to make love, then this is certainly not an easy thing to do. If you know how to hire escorts, then you can easily have sex as many times as you desire.

In order to be able to make love, you need to find a partner that you love and that you have chemistry with. Chemistry is essential, and if it doesn’t exist absolutely at all, then you cannot say that you have made love with that person. However, once you have met the right person, there are some important aspects that you must take into account. First of all, you need to make sure that the environment is a relaxing, comfortable, and pleasant one. You cannot experience love at a different level if you don’t have a beautiful environment in your bedroom.

Make sure the room is always clean, and the sheets are changed as often as possible. In plus, we also recommend you light up some scented candles. Lavender smells very nice, and it is also very relaxing. Jasmin is considered to be an aphrodisiac, and it should always be used in the bedroom when making love with your partner. Making love involves lots of hugs, touches, as well as kisses, and the connection that will be created between the woman and the man during these moments cannot be explained in words. Maybe you are wondering why men hire escorts? Well, they do it because escorts are very feminine, and they know how to create a relaxing atmosphere in order to satisfy a man.

Making love can be very intense if you love your partner and he sincerely loves you. It is not important to know complex sex positions for reaching orgasm because when you love things are much easier. Both bodies are experiencing some deep and intense sensations, and these sensations can make the most amazing time ever. An erotic massage is also welcomed, in case you or your partner are a bit tired and need to relax a bit more before actually becoming intimate. Whether you are single or you just need to try something new, you can always have amazing experiences with the most professional, intelligent, hot, and sexy escorts from uEscort.