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How to make foreplay even better

How to make foreplay even better


If you focus more time on the foreplay, then you can be sure that you and your partner as well will feel amazing sensations and reach a very intense orgasm. Rushing into penetration is not a good idea. No matter how much you want to reach the orgasm and how excited you are, it is recommended to take things slow so that both of you can experience lots of pleasure. Here is how to make foreplay even better.

Expand your definition of what foreplay means

For many people foreplay lasts about 10 minutes, which is a lot less than it actually should be. Foreplay takes place between you and your partner, straight from the moment you wake up. This is what sex therapists say. In fact, anything that impacts your mind has the potential to impact your sex life. For example, if your partner sends you an erotic text telling you what he is going to do to you when he gets home, then this is considered the start of foreplay. This is because your mind will already be at sex, and you will get super excited as you think about what your partner just said. All men should date Birmingham escorts to learn more about sex. Because these ladies have plenty of experience, they will teach you a few amazing and erotic positions and techniques that will help your girlfriend have intense orgasms and even multiple orgasms.

Let your partner know how much you want him

Paying your partner honest compliments will certainly improve the connection between you. Men should never forget to tell their women how beautiful and attractive they are. This type of compliment will actually make the women feel aroused and enjoy sex a lot more. Women love to hear nice words from their partners. They feel a lot better, more confident, and very appreciated. And, the truth is that all these details turn on a woman, which means that sex life will highly improve. Knowing that you don’t only want sex, will surely make the woman feel sexier before your clothes even hit the floor. So, men should tell their women how beautiful they are and make them feel desired. When a woman feels that she is being appreciated, she will certainly be turned on. In case you are having a hard time finding your words, you can always speak to a sex therapist for more useful advice.

Ask your woman what type of foreplay she likes

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Again, you should not forget about communication, which is extremely important. Ask your girlfriend what type of foreplay she likes the most and what she wants you to do to her. There are plenty of things you can do to become a better lover. However, don’t forget that you are not a mind-reader, which means that you also need to talk to her to find out more. The number one key to being perfect at foreplay is communication. Lots of partners assume that every woman can be turned on with touch or direct sexual play, but the truth is that not every woman would list this as their main choice. As we said earlier, gentlemen can learn lots of interesting things from call girls. On uEscort, they can find many types of escorts. Dating one of them several times will offer these men lots of experience in terms of sex and in terms of how to satisfy a woman.

Help her relax and get ready to play

After a long and stressful day, every woman wants to relax. So, getting intimate is actually the furthest thing from your woman’s mind. That’s why you need to help her move into a different headspace with a pressure-free decompression session. Does your girlfriend love soothing candles? If so, then make sure you light them up. Does she love hot and long baths? If this is the case, then make sure you prepare for her a relaxing bath.

Whisper something really sweet into your woman’s ear

This is something that really turns a woman on. If you don’t like dirty talk, then you could try something nice, something that sounds less erotic but still has the power to turn on a woman. Feeling intimately connected is actually the sexiest foreplay for lots of ladies. For many couples, this is the best foreplay they have ever tried.

Use your mouth on her

Hovering your mouth very close to her skin will definitely build anticipation. You can also try licking your woman in a very sensitive spot and then continue with breathing warm air over the slick path you have created. You can be sure that this technique will drive her crazy a lot faster than you expect. The wide-open mouth will create warm air, whereas the pursed lips will create cool air. This combination of feelings is very erotic and sensual. Tease over her nipples as well as beneath her breath. The key in this whole strategy is to take things slow. In case she asks you to speed up, then you can do it faster. Otherwise, take it slow.

Touch her and kiss her everywhere

Women love when men are in charge of their bodies. They like when their partners take their time and get to know every inch of their skin. They get super aroused when they are being kissed and touched everywhere. That’s why as a gentleman, you must seriously take into account this aspect. By doing so, you will certainly benefit from the most amazing sex experience ever. If the woman feels that you don’t want to rush into penetration, she will be even more excited and ready to offer you the most amazing sex experience ever.

Give her a ‘’thigh job’’

You should never forget to use your fingers and palms, as well as adult toys and lips to slither, lick and kiss all around your woman’s inner thighs. Plus, it is also a great idea to hover your mouth over her lips as well as her clitoris to build lots of desire. This will surely make your woman ache for more.

‘’The W’’ is another excellent way to use your hand

You must also take into account this technique, which your girlfriend will absolutely love. It involves pressing your flat open palm over the vaginal lips, lengthwise. After doing so, you need to slide up and down as you open and close your fingers. Make sure you use some lube so that you can easily slide around and increase the pressure as the arousal starts to build. This will certainly make foreplay even better.