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How much money do escorts make?

How much money do escorts make?

Being an escort is not easy at all, but this job is definitely a rewarding one. On average, a professional sex worker makes around 30.000 $ a year, and more than half of escorts earn less than 20.000 $ a year. The main difference between prostitution and other professions is that more than half of call girls work 10 hours or even less per week.

Despite the risks that this job involves, most escorts have a high level of job satisfaction, as they can actually decide what type of work they choose to do. Sex workers who work independently can basically choose what type of clients to date and when to do that. Furthermore, they also get to choose what type of services they offer. These are the advantages of working independently, because if you are hired by a professional agency, then you need to respect a few rules. Around 10% of the escorts earn more than 50.000 $ a year, and we are talking now about high-class escorts. How much do escorts get paid mainly depends on their experience as well as on how they look and act with the clients.

What are high-class escorts? Well, high-class sex workers are considered to be the best as well as the most expensive because they have lots of experience in terms of sex, and they are also open-minded to satisfy all sort of sexual fantasies and fetishes that clients may have. In plus, some of them also know how to make an erotic massage, which again is something that not too many sex workers know to do. Therefore, they have more chances to be hired by wealthy clients who live great tips. However, it is very important to understand that you cannot earn too much money from the beginning, in this industry. You need to gain experience, and also to make your won customers. How to find escorts on Instagram is something that you need to know in case you want to pay less for this type of service.

Working as a professional escort can be a quite hard job, but if you are professional and you do your job properly, then you can definitely earn lots of money in a quite short time. It is important to be serious and satisfy your clients. Also, it is essential to decide exactly what are the services you are going to offer so that you can attract the proper customers. These days, there are also escorts who work in brothels and escorts who are looking for their clients in various bars and night clubs. Anyone who is interested in dating one should require the services of an escort who works for a reliable escort agency. This way, the client can be sure that he will receive the most professional adult services ever, and he can also be sure that he will date a clean and healthy call girl. For dating some gorgeous ladies, we suggest you have an eye on uEscort, and you will not regret it.