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How do I know if a woman has reached orgasm?

How do you realize that she reached orgasm? There are a few signs by which any man can figure out if his partner has had a real orgasm or if she has only pretended.

Classic signs

Any magazine or book about sex presents some clear signs of a woman's orgasm. These signs include dilated pupils and a fast breath. In reality, however, there are lots of women who pretend to have an orgasm just to make the man feel better. Also, many women have orgasms without showing obvious signs. Yet, an erotic massage Swindon can help a woman relax and reach an intense orgasm.

On the other hand, there are many women who feel good when they have sex with their partner, although they have no orgasm. Many women have orgasms only occasionally or only when masturbating. Yet, this does not mean they are sick or they have a problem. Also, sometimes you just enjoy sex without reaching the climax because you are too tired to concentrate on it.

reached orgasm

More discreet signs

There are some more discreet signs that indicate an orgasm. Although they are harder to see, they are usually safer, because they cannot be produced. For example, during the orgasm the color of the labia changes, becoming slightly darker, due to the increased blood flow in this area. Also, if the partner puts a hand on the woman's stomach, he may feel the muscle contractions that take place just before the orgasm.

Even during the orgasm, several vaginal contractions take place. In the case of regular sexual contact, the man will surely feel how the walls of the vagina tighten around the penis. The color of the skin can be a safe sign related to orgasm. A woman who has had an orgasm will have her chest and cheeks colored, also due to the accelerated blood flow.

Why women don't have an orgasm every time they have sex?

When this happens, it is important to understand that this does not mean a failure. 40% of women who do not reach orgasm every time they have sex declare themselves perfectly satisfied by their sexual life. Women and men are different and have different desires when it comes to sex. As long as you are happy with your sex life, this is all that matters.

The truth is that you can still feel a lot of pleasure when you have sex, even if you don’t have an orgasm. The intimate moment can still be amazing and hot. And, sometimes when you are very tired you may not be able to 100% concentrate on the moment. That’s perfectly fine and you should not feel frustrated. This happens to everyone.

What is the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms?

The clitoris and vagina are two stimulation areas that cause the pleasure of orgasm. Yet, the clitoral stimulation produces a more intense orgasm. This type of orgasm stimulates the pelvic and abdominal muscles. In fact, about 80% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

female orgasm

Vaginal orgasm is characteristic of women who have reached sexual maturity, and who know their erogenous areas. These women have discovered the sexual positions that bring them the most intense pleasures.

The distinction between the two types of female orgasms was not achieved on a scientific or physiological basis. Moreover, some experts advance the idea that vaginal orgasm is only a variation of clitoral orgasm and that the latter is, in fact, female orgasm(squirt).

Do women need more time than men to get to orgasm?

Both women and men need time to get to orgasm. But only a few women need more than 30-50 minutes of stimulation to experience orgasm. Most have orgasms after 10-15 minutes of love. It all depends on the emotional state and the desire. If the stimulation is done properly, the woman can have an orgasm after only a few minutes.

What’s really important is that the man knows exactly how to stimulate his partner. Women are different. Every man must know very well what her partner likes and what doesn’t. He must know his woman’s erogenous zones. The prelude is very important for a woman. This should not last only a few minutes but much longer.

What is anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia is the total or partial lack of orgasm in women. Depending on the cause, anorgasmia can be cured by psychological therapy of self-knowledge or couple therapy. Also, sex hormone therapy or operations to correct genital malformations are recommended.

Diabetes, neurological diseases, and gynecological operations are the main conditions that prevent orgasm. Many times, its lack is also linked to vaginismus or vaginal dryness. Medications that regulate blood pressure, antihistamines, and antidepressants can affect your sex life.

They produce hormonal disorders that no longer allow sexual stimuli to reach the brain. Genital malformations, which can be corrected by operations, are another cause of this dysfunction. If the clitoris has a strange shape, women cannot reach orgasm.

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passionate sex session

If you watch porn with your girlfriend, then this is one of the best things you can do to improve your sex life. Both of you can learn new positions and sex techniques that can offer you a lot more pleasure. Moreover, you can get excited and therefore be ready for a hot and passionate sex session.

For example, play role is extremely attractive for both partners. You certainly have sexual fantasies. Well, this is the perfect time to put them into practice. You can highly improve your intimate life and you can reach the most intense orgasms ever. Plus, men can even make their partners reach multiple orgasms if they know exactly how to stimulate them.

Sex is so amazing and there is always something interesting to do. All you need is patience and desire. There are things that you can do in bed and that can sexually fulfill you. Be open minded and forget about inhibitions. Just be yourself and enjoy the intimate moment to the fullest. You and your partner will feel amazing.