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How i became a prostitute

How i became a prostitute

And here I am not referring to the kind of prostitute you find at the side of the road, but to an escort in the true sense of the word. Everyone understands a certain difference between a prostitute and an escort. Everyone understands what he wants, or believes or thinks it is moral or not. For me, a prostitute is a woman who offers only physical pleasure and that's it. An escort is a woman you can take in society for dinner and then go to bed with her. The escort is the kind of elegant and stylish woman who accompanies you to the boss's business lunch.
 If you look at everything simplistic then the escort also becomes a prostitute. Escort is the embodiment of art; the art of being a woman. If we look back in time, we find Geisha. beautiful Chinese women who were raised as children and educated to become escorts, to give pleasure to gentlemen. I'm not ashamed to say I'm an escort, I am not ashamed to say that I am paid to offer attention, pleasure, affection. It was a beautiful autumn Sunday and I was on the terrace of an elegant restaurant. I used to drink my coffee there and read.

That afternoon i was going to change my life completely and I didn't even know it. I had recently graduated from college but was not working yet. I spent my parents' money on books and coffee. I dressed decently, and always wore my hair loose on my back and cheerful attitude.

That afternoon, a gentleman in a suit approached me. He was very smiling but somewhat agitated. He greeted me politely and asked if I could help him with a favor. I nodded without giving too much importance to the situation.-If I offer you this amount of money, will you accompany me to this lunch? My partner could not make it. I was looking at the man in front of me and I didn't know how to react. To say yes, to refuse; but I needed the money.

I accepted and then he gladly stuffed all my money in my bag. I didn't even manage to close my book because he was already at the table of his office colleagues.

I was peeking at the man who had just paid for my time. He was a gallant man, well made, impeccably dressed, and impeccable manners.


Why would a man pay for a woman to accompany him?


the thought flashed through my brain; from time to time I would return with my feet on the ground when he was subtly gesturing me under the table with its foot to respond to others.

It all lasted forty-five minutes. I woke up dreaming when I heard him say he wants my phone number because he was delighted with my services.

His name was Tom and he was thirty-six years old. He was single and owned a company of IT. He told me that he did not have the necessary time for a relationship and that he preferred to use the services of an escort to look human in front of those he collaborates with.

Escort! Then for the first time, this word struck me like a big boulder. I smiled dryly and went home. All the way I felt my feet to trickle through the freshly fallen leaves of the trees. It was cold and hot. I got home and threw myself on the couch. I was looking at the pile of money coming out of my bag. How can I be his escort if we didn't have sex? He was the kind of perfect man; I would have sex with him anyway and anytime. I fell asleep thinking about it. It was dark outside when the phone rang. Someone rarely calls me. in college, I was not so sociable. It was Tom; he asks me if I can accompany him on the weekend to his holiday home; being invited also his collaborators. He emphasized that he was paying me for this and that I would not be sorry ... I accepted even though I still didn't fully understand the situation. Escort! That resonates in my head more than anything. Although it sounds strange, I was attracted to him.

The week passed quickly; too fast. It was as if I was already floating, I could see Tom putting my luggage in the trunk of his sports car. All the way he was silent. As if i didn't even exist next to him in the car. That seemed a little strange to me. Although i am not a  conversation person. When I got there, the fun could be heard at the gate. He took our luggage to a huge and beautiful bedroom.

it was a single bed and that made me think we were going to sleep together. Logical! He had just paid for my escort services and I knew for sure that the escort was the one who has sex. It was normal to sleep in the same bed.

I went down to a huge living room with brown leather sofas. The wood crackled in the fireplace and seemed to sound louder than the girls' laughter. Were they all escorts like me? I couldn't ask anyone that.

We all played mime, drank good wine and laughed until the morning when everyone was retiring to their rooms. I apologized and retreated to the room; I wanted to take a shower and then finish everything quickly. or not... When he came up I was already in bed, waiting to see what happens.

 He took a shower and lay down next to me. It smelled so good and I could hear his heartbeat as if were in my chest. I was naked in bed with a stranger. I touched his thighs with my hand. He turned to me and told me that he did not pay for sex, only for escort.

I told him I wanted that. He looked at me intently and with a gesture pulled me towards him, feeling his naked body clinging to mine. I became an escort by mistake and a prostitute by pleasure.