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How escorts want to be treated by their clients

How escorts want to be treated by their clients

If escorts offer sex in exchange for money, this doesn’t mean that you as a client can treat her with disrespect. There are some important things that you need to take into account when dating a sex worker, and if you really want the date to be awesome, then you must be very careful what you do and what you say. Here is how escorts would like to be treated by their clients.

Respect is extremely important

A disrespectful client will never be accepted by many escorts, especially by the ones who are working for agencies. Remember that you are dating an escort for intimacy and for satisfying your sexual fantasies, and not for making her feel bad. Those who are choosing sex workers should always respect them, especially if they want to continue using their services. If you are a gentleman, then you will surely have an amazing date.

Never discuss sexual acts in person

Everything that you want to do with the escorts must be discussed on the phone. You should never discuss sexual acts in person. This will not make her feel comfortable, and your date will certainly not be a good one. Finding real escorts is not complicated at all, and you can easily benefit from their professional services.

You must always be clean

No matter how busy you are before your date, you must always be clean. In case you just came from work, then take a quick shower at the location you are meeting the girl. It only takes a few minutes, and the lady will surely appreciate it. Therefore, have a shower, use a good perfume, and be ready for a memorable date.

Don’t judge her

There are many people who forget that their purpose is to just have sex with the escort, and they start asking all sorts of questions as well as judging the escort. This is definitely extremely disrespectful, and the only thing you will obtain will be an awful date. You and your date must be very comfortable so that you can enjoy to the fullest the entire experience, and you will never obtain that by judging her. Why escorts? Well, because they can offer you something that usual girls will most probably not be able to offer. They have a great experience and they know exactly how to make a man go crazy and have the most unforgettable pleasure.

You should bring wine or a small gift

Escorts absolutely love when their clients bring a bottle of wine or a small gift. By doing so, you will certainly go right to the front of the line and you will receive a special treatment. Wine can help you both relax and feel comfortable, and it is without a doubt an excellent social lubricant when you want to have an amazing intimate act. In terms of gifts, you can bring a sexy lingerie or a delicate perfume. Furthermore, you can also have dinner with the lady before you actually go to the hotel room.