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High Priced Escorts

HIGH PRICED ESCORTSEscorts, when they start their job are paid really less because of being inexperienced and of course a newbie to the industry, but when they spend some time gaining and satisfying clients they make their way to the top charts of being the high priced escorts.

We all know what escorts are and what they do, but because of their work, we’re much more focused on what they have to offer, which is why we never really care about what they go through. In this article, we’ll dig more into their lives and what else they do apart from being in this industry. They’re humans and they shouldn’t be humiliated or judged on the choices that they make, so let’s see how the life of an escort London changes and what their life is about.

Newbie escorts struggle hard with money and their job which is why their life and perspective are a lot different than the high priced ones. Here we’ll know everything there is to know about the high priced escorts.

Natalie McLennan, who was one of the high priced escorts who charged $16,000 per night, revealed that she spent a lot on clothes. Buying expensive attires for herself from New York’s best stores and brands. Because of the handsome amount that she earned, she could buy any luxury that she wanted. She says she never asked for tips but when someone tipped her, she felt nonetheless appreciated and happy about it.

Next comes another high priced escort, Tayla De Fay, who has earned $10,000 in one night! After paying the bills and her expenses, she spends her cash on her three properties, on traveling, and on her family as well. She doesn’t drink, doesn’t party nor does she go clubbing. What a wise way to spend all your money.

All high priced escorts are there in the industry for a long time. Most of them say that charging $200 an hour or charging $1200 an hour is all in your psyche. You tell a guy you’re worth low and he’ll behave low, but if you tell a guy you’re a high one he will treat you better. It’s just how the psyche works. They say you need to look in the eyes of your client and say that you’re worth much more, and if he wants to, he shall agree on your terms, not otherwise. You’re the one who is giving him what he needs so he better listen to you. These high priced escorts are more confident and are worthy of catching more rich clients than a newbie escort and of course, there is sheer experience and the technique of handling your client that fairly matters.

If you’re new in this industry and reading this article, just know that it takes time, patience, and emotional breakdowns to reach the stage of being a high priced escort, and there is learning every step of the way. So struggle today and enjoy tomorrow. Make this your motto!