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First day of an escort

First day of an escortIn the western world, there is a surprisingly hard demand for escorts and call girls. From a two-way perspective, this industry is all about the money. The taboo concepts are that escorts love to do what they do, but very honestly more than half are doing this for good pay.

Have you ever wondered what happens on their very first day at work? Even if you want to do this job or not your first day in a new world with traumatizing outcomes can be really frustrating. We surveyed various escorts from all over London especially from Birmingham and asked them what their first day was like. To our surprise and benefit, most of them were very comfortable discussing with us and giving us the details.

So let’s hear out what the first day of an escort is like.

‘Back in the days when I was 19 and when I saw my last rent warning I knew I had to do something quickly. A job that would get me quick money to keep a roof over my head. I was so frustrated that I didn’t know what to do. So then I drove downtown to a strip club and volunteered to be one. I got dressed and went in. My first client was a 44-year-old doctor, average-looking and a bit bulky. He straightforwardly ‘commanded’ me to get undressed. With a nervous demeanor, sweaty fists I did so and then we went down to business. I was a newbie and didn’t know what to do next so for my comfort he kept taking the first steps which I was grateful for. He paid me $150 and thanked me before he left. I immediately paid my rent and felt happy to have earned so much in one night. I have been in this industry for four years now!’

‘I had to do my job in an upscale hotel. I was really nervous, not because of how I was going to perform but more of who the guy was. I knocked and he opened the door and let me in. We immediately went to business. He was polite and clean. It was a good experience though  I have seen him quite a few times now and he always has the courtesy to smile or at least acknowledge, which I really like about him.’

‘I knew what I was giving up for. It was a risk all along and I was prepared for it. My first experience was with a thirty-year-old guy who was ridiculously unattractive and there was just something very off with him. Anyway, I started with a blowjob and then we headed to business. During, he farted and that was it. I was so turned off that I literally put on my heels and left the hotel room. I felt gross and almost wanted to cry! I spent twenty-five minutes with him and left without my pay, how stupid of me.