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Female sex workers in 2020

Why do women become prostitutes

Most often they are called lady escort, female escort, woman escort, call girl ... As these denominations already express it quite well they are women who engage in the oldest profession in the world: prostitution. These prostitutes in their escorting work activities prostitute themselves by a phone call or on the internet through escort work agencies. Today prostitution is still alive as it has always been in the past because prostitutes are very common. They are easily findable in various places such as on roadsides, in brothels, on the internet ... The world of female prostitution never seems to lack consumers. Day by day the number of prostitutes increases. But what reasons can explain the “prostitute life” that these many women choose?

There are various reasons for women to prostitute themselves. From the most credible to the most mundane reasons. If women opt to become sex workers, or if they opt to wait patiently for customers on the sidewalks, in hostels it is for several and different reasons. The most obvious of these reasons is the need for money, drugs, and illegal immigration.


Financial needs


The search for money is the main reason why women sell their bodies. Many women very quickly find in prostitution gains that can help them to support themselves, they perceive prostitution as a subsistence activity. Faced with poverty and the difficulties of life, the majority of women have no choice but to prostitute themselves. They do not hesitate to get recruited as professional escorts on the web with escort work agencies, they do not hesitate to look for customers in street corners or in discos for the sole purpose of exchange sexual benefits for the money.

The possibility of earning a lot of money after just a few paid sex sessions is also worth noting. Women take advantage of their charms by asking a large amount of money against sex sessions. With this money gained from prostitution, women are able to afford many expensive things they could never have access to even while working. Prostitution for them is proving to be a good way to make a lot of money in a short period of time since clients are never wanting. Thanks to prostitution these women earn enough money and realize their wildest dreams like crazy expenses, buying designer clothes, traveling ... They do not hesitate to type requests like: “ How to be an escort “,“ Becoming a female escort ”,“ Become an escort “,“ Find escorting work “,“ Subscribe escort work agency “.... in google searches in order to find as many clients as possible and gain a lot of money by receiving clients at home or at the hotel.

Lack of money will remain for a long time the primary reason why women prostitute themselves. So young women to finance their university studies offer sex for money, most often as an escort through internet agencies.

The difficult childhood, the parents' divorce, the rape, the forced incestuous relationships ... that some women lived in the past when they were still children deeply affect the majority of these women even in adulthood. They are depressive, without money, and alcoholic ... So in this situation, the only lever that these women have is to prostitute themselves to earn money in order to be able to provide for their basic needs.


Drugs and alcohol


Drug addiction, alcohol consumption, addiction to crack, the use of drugs like cocaine, heroin ... also represent significant causes which enter into the choice of "prostitute life" that some women choose. Women who use these mostly illicit and harmful substances become addicted to these drugs and no longer have enough money to buy their daily doses. Finally, they failed into prostitution in order to be able to obtain their drugs.


Trafficking in human beings


The illegal immigration to which some women are applying leads them sometimes to be trapped in a situation of forced prostitution. They are forced to prostitute themselves largely for the benefit of traffickers. As these illegal immigration are most often organized by criminal and mafia networks, some women find themselves faced with the constraints of these criminal networks and they can only obey the wishes of the leaders of these mafia networks. Constraints such as family blackmail, confiscation of identity documents, threats... are techniques used by these criminal networks. Faced with these constraints, the majority of women obey and prostitute themselves.




Reasons, why women prostitute themselves, will always be present. The few reasons cited in this article are just a brief overview. All in all, it is obvious that despite the diversity of the causes of prostitution the aims of all these causes lead to a single goal which remains gain: money.