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Everything you should know about sexting

Everything you should know about sexting


These days, sexting has become a very important part in any relationship. There are lots of couples who simply adore sexting each other in order to build tension so that sex can be more intense. For beginners as well as for anyone who is looking for pointers, we will show you in the following some wonderful tips for how to sext.

Take it slow

Sexting is about the build-up. You need to start the conversation with an opening that shows you are prepared to play a little, but without revealing too much. The big surprise will actually be at home. For example, you can send a selfie of your cleavage with a simple message. The idea is to first grab your partner’s attention while actually making your intentions very clear. You certainly don’t want to jump straight to the sex part. You must warm up the whole situation, and then you can make it hotter. Sexting is about giving something gradually and not everything at once. If you want to learn more about sexting, then hire professional Birmingham escorts. There is nothing about sex that these ladies don’t know about. They will teach you plenty of useful things for a more satisfying intimate life.

Don’t forget that you are playing a role

When it comes to sexting, you are playing a role. Don’t forget that and make sure you play it perfectly. You are in control, and you can do whatever you want. You are playing the horny partner who is ready to get into something freaky. Your photos, your voice messages and your words will make your partner fantasize about you and will arouse him to the point of great satisfaction.

Don’t send a nude too quickly

When sexting a photo to your partner, make sure you don’t do it too quickly. You need to wait a little bit, to build some tension first. Write him something nice at first, and then you can surprise and excite him with a nude photo. In fact, it is not necessary to send one if you don’t want to do so. As mentioned earlier, you must only do what makes you feel comfortable.

Timing is everything

When it comes to sexting, timing is actually everything. It is very important to be aware of what your partner is actually doing when you want to initiate a sexual conversation. In case he is at the office with his boss, or out to lunch with the family, then maybe you should choose another timing because this is definitely not the best time to roll out a steamy text. Simply send your partner a text asking him if he is busy or not. By doing so, you will know exactly if it is a good time or not.

Use the right emoji

You can use some emojis that are known to serve as sexual innuendos. They can help set intentions without actually saying a word. The most common emojis are the banana and the eggplant. They are used to represent a penis. To represent the booty you can use a pussy, and to represent the vagina you can use the pussycat. The idea is to be as creative as possible and make the whole experience a fun one. We are sure that your partner will absolutely love it.


tell your partner your sexual fantasies 


Do not stray too far out of your comfort zone

It is important to do only what you are comfortable with. Sexting can be innocent, or it can be quite risqué. We recommend you start with something that makes you feel good and not uncomfortable. Again, if you want to know more about sexting and about sex in general, hire an attractive call-girl from uEscort, and you will become a professional in sexting and not only.

Draw from your own personal experiences

When sexting, you can also tell your partner how much you liked what he did to you last night or a few days ago. Simply describe the moment you enjoyed to the fullest and how much you want him to do that again to you, as soon as possible. Plus, you can tell him that you don’t have the patience anymore, and you really want to feel him and have him inside you. Things like these will definitely drive him crazy, and he will be very impatient to get home.

Pay attention to details

It all in the details and you must not forget that. Remember that the more specific you are in your details, the better the result will be, and the better your partner will be able to fantasy about you. Furthermore, the conversation will be much easier and comfortable.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your partner everything you want to know. Ask him questions during sexting because after all, this is a sexual conversation. This is a very easy way to know what your partner is thinking about. Moreover, the questions can also assist you in painting a great image of their sexual fantasies within their imagination. Don’t get too complex with your questions. Simply ask your partner what parts of your body he wants to see or what he would like to do to you.

Open up about your fantasies

You should not be afraid to open up about your fantasies, either. We know that it is not always easy to tell your partner your sexual fantasies when he is right in front of you. So, an excellent way to do this is through sexting. This is a great opportunity to put all your fantasies out there because there is actually a lot less pleasure when nobody is staring back at you.

Have fun with the dirty talk

Sexting definitely involves some dirty talk as well. The words you will use in your texts will paint a visual of the fantasy that is unfolding. For example, you can start by describing what you are wearing. Plus, you can ask your partner for some naughty pictures and then comment about his body in a super-hot way. Furthermore, you can also describe how your body is actually reacting to what he is texting you. Again, don’t forget to not offer too many details. Let your partner imagine everything and hurry up to get home and have intense sex with you. In case you need some inspiration, then you can have a look on the internet. You will certainly find some interesting texts that you can send to your partner.