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Everything you need to know about erotic massages

Erotic massage is the art of using massage techniques to offer pleasure. Using certain techniques, you can stimulate your partner's organs, giving him pleasure. This massage is usually used during the prelude to incite your loved one, increasing his sexual appetite.

In this article I will teach you how to do an erotic massage, step by step, to satisfy your partner. If you want to give your partner stronger orgasms than ever, it is crucial to learn how to do an erotic massage. So let's start!

give your partner stronger orgasms by massage

Erotic massage is a more sensual type of massage

An erotic massage London often involves both partners being naked (although it is not mandatory). This type of massage will focus on sensual touches. It has the role to incite and stimulate the sexual senses of the person to whom you massage.

How to do the erotic massage

Different oils for erotic massage are used when making such a type of massage. They have aphrodisiac flavors when touching the skin. Candles or creams can also be used.

How to do an erotic massage on women?

When you do an erotic massage to a woman, you have to move much slower. Initially, you have to start by massaging her back, giving her intense pleasure. Things must evolve slowly: massage her back and shoulders with erotic massage oil until you feel her muscles have relaxed.

Only after you feel that the partner has relaxed in totality, you can go to bolder places, such as the thighs or buttocks. It is possible that once you go from back to buttocks, you feel the tense muscles because it will feel like you invade "the intimate space".

You have to massage it easily and sensually until you feel the buttock muscles have relaxed. In the next step, when the partner is prepared, you can move to the genital massage. This is the moment when you will provide maximum pleasure to your partner.

How is an erotic massage in men?

Unlike women, in men, the erotic massage is simpler and more direct. First of all, women have an advantage from the beginning. Small and soft hands represent a big plus. Any man appreciates slow and soft touches all over the body. They prefer to get faster with the massage in the intimate area.

However, if you want to incite them, I suggest you try something different from what they want. Massage in men is done more visually. Dress sexy, and massage your partner sensually, kiss him in the places he likes. Although, if you are both troubled and you are 100% sure that the partner wants to take things further, certain barriers can be broken. For your safety, ask before.

Does erotic massage involve sex?

As long as sex is done between partners, it can include whatever you want. If we talk about the erotic massage from the salons, it, at least from a legal point of view, does not include sex.

What are the benefits of an erotic massage?

Both the erotic massage itself, those touches, and the benefits of natural oils offer a lot of benefits. Besides the fact that it helps you relax and help reduce anxiety and generally helps mental health, has some physical benefits.

Oils for erotic massage contain ingredients with the aphrodisiac effect. These ingredients help treat erection problems. They also contain ingredients such as vitamin E that improve skin elasticity and make it softer and more pleasant to the touch. Erotic massage can also be used in sexual therapy to keep your libido to improve a person's sexual performance.

Erotic massage is not a luxury just for the rich and famous

Of course, a luxury erotic massage salon can practice quite high prices compared to a salon that offers only classic massages. But it is not impossible to find a more accessible service that does not squeeze you all the money.

If you want a topless massage, then you can have it. If you want a nude erotic massage, it will cost you a little more. If you want sensory pampering from two masseuses and not just one, then the rate is higher. And so on. You got it how it works.

Once you enter this sensual adventure, you will discover how much you need something for your well-being. Sometimes it is enough to pamper yourself with such a massage to get rid of fatigue and tension. An erotic massage will offer you sensations that you have never felt before. You will feel amazing, you will feel great. There are plenty of emotions you will experience. Try it and you will see.

erogenous zone erotic massage

It's ok if you don't know from the first what you want

And it's just as okay to know very well what you want from an erotic massage. In any situation you are, it is important to communicate. Ask at the reception or when you want to make an appointment. Talk to the masseuse and ask what the services offered are and what are the prices.

See what an erotic massage session includes and choose according to preferences and budget. You can have a lush massage, accompanied by champagne. You can be massaged with the precious argan oil. If you want to relax completely, you can ask about a VIP massage. Likewise, if you can't go to the salon, you can determine to come to the hotel, with the appropriate equipment.

Masseuse therapists know a lot of things about the human body

They can apply different techniques to make you feel completely relaxed. Professional masseuses are trained in the sensual, tantric, erotic massage world. Maybe it will sound strange to you. You ask how many studies you need to practice such as a natural massage.

Well, this type of service is based on the principles of a classic massage. A masseuse prepared in this art will calm you down, make you relax, and bring you unexpected pleasures. But do not think about deeper things, because it is not the case.