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Erogenous zones that fewer people know about

Erogenous zones that fewer people know about

Erogenous zones are those areas of the human body that are highly sensitive. When these zones are being highly stimulated, they create a sexual response such as thoughts of sexual fantasies, deep relaxation, as well as sexual arousal, and orgasm. Every human body has several erogenous zones, but in many cases, we don’t know about all of them. Here are the erogenous zones that fewer people know about.

Who is touching you

A gentle breath on your back of your neck or a simple kiss on your hand can produce an intense sexual sensation, depending on the person who is delivering the touch as well as to whom. An unwanted touch is without a doubt extremely unpleasant, but if that touch comes from someone who we really like, then things are certainly different. Where to find escorts who know exactly how to touch you for driving you crazy? Well, the internet is the perfect place for finding a professional escort agency.

The brain

Lots of people don’t know that the brain is the largest erogenous zone of the body, and that’s because it makes the connection between visual stimulation as well as physical touch. In general, people enjoy sensual touch, but in fact, the brain reacts just as strongly to seeing another individual being caressed. The brain actually dictates how we feel in bed, and that’s why lots of women don’t have an orgasm. Once a person is completely relaxed, whether we are talking about women or men, they will enjoy to the fullest the sexual act and they will easily get to the orgasm. Professional escorts who fuck can be found in escorts agencies, for the best sex experiences ever.

The eyes

If you simply look at a person in a certain way or if you are being watched in a provocateur way, then sexual pleasure will be created with such a connection, and you will experience all sorts of wonderful sensations, from feeling breathless to shivers down your spine. Your pupils will dilate, and you will appear more attractive to the opposite sex. The longer the eye contact is between two people, the deeper and more intense the intimacy will be.

The lips

There is no doubt that a good kiss is exactly like a drug. A cocktail of good hormones and neurotransmitters will flow through your body and brain. Kissing a person that we like or love will make us feel happy and extremely excited. There are women who can have an orgasm from prolonged kissing without even having a genital contact. The lips are the most exposed erogenous zone of the human body. They have a large number of nerve endings that send a flood of information to the brain. In fact, they are 100 times more sensitive than fingers. The way you are being kissed and the area where you are kissed can create arousal too. Lots of people get aroused when their temples, hands, hair, arms, or eyebrows are subtly touched my lips.