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How to Enjoy an Intense Orgasm

The truth is that all women want to get to orgasm and feel those wonderful contractions that mean waves of pleasure. Getting there is often not simple. There is a sound background, candlelight, all kinds of positions and techniques to respond. And even so, there is the possibility or probability of not reaching the climax. Here is what needs to be done to get an intense orgasm.

Why do so Many Women These Days Don’t Reach Orgasm Easily?

Well, unfortunately, this is the reality and it is quite sad, to be honest. If women would change their attitude toward sex, they will be more sexually satisfied. Women wonder why men visit female escorts Colchester, and the answer is very simple. They do so because they love the fact that these girls are so open-minded and they don’t have inhibitions at all.

exciting and hot fantasies

They are free in bed and they love sex. They love trying various positions and do lots of exciting and hot fantasies. Overall, they don’t refuse anything to their clients. Of course that we are not saying that you should do anything in terms of sex. Yet, you should have an open mind and be more relaxed and comfortable in your own body.

Sex is about pleasure and connection not about stress and sadness. It doesn’t matter how busy you are. Sex should always be a priority because it is very important to your physical, mental, and emotional health. Moreover, it helps you have an amazing sex life, which means that you and your partner will be more attached and close to others. So, as you can see, you have all the reasons to pay special attention to sex.

Prelude Is Very Important

As you probably already know, the prelude plays a crucial role in reaching the orgasm. But most women, unfortunately, can not enjoy it, because of the many thoughts they have while they are being intimate. Instead of focusing on their pleasure, they have all sorts of inhibitions. Well, with so many thoughts, there is no wonder that women cannot reach orgasm easily.

reach orgasm easily

Moreover, in some cases, they cannot reach it at all. All the voices in their heads diminish a lot of the effect of the prelude. To focus on the prelude side, specialists say you need to empty your mind and focus on four points. These four points are the smell of the partner's skin and the smell created between you, in general. Also, you should free imagination because it will do miracles. Let your mind fly to all sorts of sexual scenarios that will follow the prelude.

When we are excited, our nerve endings communicate to the brain that it is time to grow blood flow to the genitals. This is how the natural lubrication of the area is explained and the breasts are reinforced. And the more excited, the more reactions will be more obvious. Therefore, a quality prelude requires patience, knowing your partner, and appropriate techniques. And if the woman is excited, her condition will automatically lead to the partner's testosterone level.

Always Make Sure You Are in a Good Position

If we consider that the first step, namely, the prelude, has happened and with very good results, then it is time for the second step. If after the prelude, you feel a high pressure in the vagina, then it means it is time to pass penetration. Choose a position to provide complete contact and access to the clitoris.

The position of the missionary, in any variant, remains a very good option because the partner's penis is directly active on the clitoris. Other variants are on the back or the woman above when the partner can stimulate the clitoris. The researchers have proven how important is clitoral stimulation. This seems to be the basis for all orgasms. When you reach the orgasm, a brain area, or the paraventricular nucleus, releases an amount of oxytocin in the blood. Therefore, this creates those waves of huge pleasure.

And as the hormone passes through the pelvic muscles, so the contractions are explained. The heart begins to pump more oxygen and continues to do so for about 20 seconds, continuously. Contractions can be very powerful, especially for women who practice Kegel exercises. They seem to have an important role in getting more powerful orgasms. Another aspect is the breath: if you hold your breath during the orgasm, you will reduce the pleasant sensations.

Breathe and inspire deep, with all the lungs, help oxygenation and get a stronger orgasm. And while the body pumps those waves of pleasure, the mind relaxes and enters a close pause. Nervy centers that produce fear and anxiety are almost annihilated after an orgasm. And the researchers explain that women need a friendly, warm environment, and a lot of connections to reach orgasm.

Maybe one more?

Immediately after an orgasm, blood pressure and pulse decrease. Yet, the bloodstream remains more active in the vagina, so in the penis, therefore, the woman may remain excited. All you have to do is wait a bit until the clitoris desensitizing, and it is ready to answer again to excitement stimuli. Then it can go to a second orgasm, in which the partner can get stimulate the clitoris with his hand or oral.

Satisfy your desire and experience

However, after the orgasm, you feel extremely attached and recognizable to the partner. That's because the level of oxytocin remains high, and leads to sentimental recognition and love for the partner. Women are lucky that they can have multiple orgasms, a thing that men cannot enjoy. Most gentlemen need to take a long break to have another erection. On the other hand, women are ready in a few minutes.

No matter what you like in bed, you must frequently try new things. There are so many positions to try and so many techniques that it would be sad not to go for them. Sex is complex and you should enjoy it to the fullest.