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Best sex positions on the couch

Best sex positions on the couch

The couch can be an excellent place for having the most amazing sex ever. If you are bored of your bed and you want to try something totally new and different, and you have a couch in your home, then don’t hesitate and confidently use it for experiencing something different and unique.

The lazy man

This is another wonderful sex position that couples should try on their couch. Your partner must sit with his back against the armrest while his legs are outstretched. In this position, the woman can have most of the control, and she can basically dictate how fast or slow she wants to go. Don’t hesitate and find out now what do British escorts in London offer in terms of sex so that you can have the most exciting sex experience.

The flatiron

How to get into this position? It is very easy, and the pleasure will be extremely high. The woman must lie facedown on the couch with her legs straight, while the man penetrates her from behind. Because the woman will keep her legs closer together, it is being created a tighter fit, and this will offer amazing sensations for both the woman and the man. Again, if you want to try this position but you don’t have a partner at the moment, then you need to find a sex worker. What do escorts provide? They provide sex at a different level, as well as companionship.

The wrapped lotus

This position is excellent to put it into practice on the couch. Here is what you need to do. Your partner must sit cross-legged while you mount his lap, and as you face him with your legs wrapped around his back. Why is this sex position so great? Well, it is great because this compact move is perfect no matter the couch type, because it is very intimate, and because it also allows your man to reach your clitoris as well as your G-spot. In plus, your partner will also be able to stroke other erogenous zones such as your neck, face, and upper body.

The pretzel dip

In order to do this position on your couch, the woman must lie on her right side as her man kneels over her right leg, and while curling her left leg around his left side. In this position, the man can penetrate the woman very well, similar to the doggy style position, and the level of intimacy is quite high. In case your couch is quite small, then the woman could bend her right leg instead of leaving it fully extended. Have a look on uEscort so that you can choose the lady of your dreams for trying all these hot sex positions.

The G-whiz

For this position, any type of couch will work. The woman must lie back with her legs resting on her partner’s shoulders, and meanwhile, the man needs to kneel in front of her. In this position, the woman’s vagina will actually get narrower and her partner will find a lot easier her G-spot.