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Best places for having sex in public

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If you want to add some spice to your intimate life and make it more exciting, then we recommend you to try sex in public. There are many couples who do it, and as long as you find a good spot without people, then don’t hesitate and go for it. Here are some of the best places for having sex in public at least once in your life.

The hotel

Having sex in a hotel room can definitely be very exciting. In general, changing the places where you normally have sex will help you highly improve your sex life. Whether you are traveling or you are just booking a hotel room in your city, the experience will be absolutely amazing. Even if this idea may not seem public, but if you open the curtains all the way and you have sex against the window, then this is definitely pretty damn close. Both of you will still get a rush knowing that there are lots of chances for people to see you. If you don’t have a partner, then hire escorts for a memorable experience.

The car

Sex in the car is very common, and in case you haven’t tried it yet then it is definitely the time to do it. Your car is without a doubt a prime spot to get hot as well as steamy. In fact, this is a private but public space that you and your partner have more control over. For make everything a lot hotter you should do it during sunset or in the night. Just turn off onto a quiet road or look for an empty parking lot. Instead of having sex on the front seat, you should do it on the backseat, as there is more room to play around and it can also help you hidden. Again, those without partners can look on uEscort for a gorgeous and hot escort.

The park

Having sex in nature can be very exciting and it can help you have an intense orgasm. Look for a spot to settle down for your romp in a low-traffic park or a lightly wooded area. If you want to do it on the ground, then you need to bring a blanket with you in order to avoid mud as well as grass stains. Also, try to have sex against a tree. This position is absolutely amazing and the fact that you will outdoors will certainly add some spice to the entire sexual act.

The beach

The beach is without a doubt another excellent spot for having sex in nature. Go to a quiet part of the beach, and do it at night so that you can avoid people, and stay on land for avoiding as much as possible saltwater from drying you up on your intimate parts. For making the whole experience a lot hotter, don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine. Where can I find escorts for a hot experience on the beach? Well, on the internet through a reliable agency.