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Are sexual fantasies healthy?


There is no doubt that every person has a sexual fantasy. It is a part of us that we all have, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. What’s most important is to make sure you satisfy your fantasies so that you don’t become sexually frustrated. In plus, it is also essential that your fantasies don’t hurt anyone and they don’t involve doing something dangerous. Otherwise, it is absolutely normal to have them and to put them into practice.

Fantasies might differ from men to women

Men and women have sexual fantasies, but they certainly differ from one to another. Some fantasies are very simple and easy to put into practice, whereas others are quite complex. Furthermore, there are two very rare sexual fantasies and those are: having sex with a child younger than 12-year old and having sex with an animal. Unusual fantasies that ladies have, whether we are talking about young women or mature ladies, are: peeing on their partner, being forced to have sex, and abusing an intoxicated person. When it comes to men, unusual sexual fantasies are: peeing on a partner, having sex with two other men, and being urinated on. This sort of fantasies is not considered normal, and if you have them then you should better talk to a specialist in order to discover why you actually have them. Maybe you have had some childhood traumas that need to be solved so that you can have in the future normal sexual fantasies. How to find London escorts who can help you with your sexual fantasies is very simple. You hire the most professional ones from a reliable escort agency and you will definitely benefit from the best services ever.

Sexual fantasies are normal

If you don’t know how much are escorts, then you need to understand that if you have certain fantasies you will have to pay them a lot more than if just simply having sex. As we said earlier, as long as your sexual fantasies are normal, you should not wait and put them into practice. There are fantasies in which the location where partners have sex is very important, and also in which both partners are being romantic during the sexual act. For most men, the most common sexual fantasy is having sex with two women at the same time, whereas for women the most common fantasy is to be submissive. Women absolutely love being sexually dominated, and it is quite similar when it comes to men as well. However, sex specialists say that gentlemen have more sexual fantasies than women do. In plus, plenty of women fantasize about homosexual activities, and lots of them are actually homosexual and bisexual. Another interesting thing when it comes to sexual fantasies is that ladies are less likely than gentlemen to want to live out their fantasy. It is very important that in order to be sexually fulfilled you make all your fantasies come true, whether it is with your partner or with a sexy and experienced sex worker from uEscort.