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09-09-2022 @ 13:23
Making love is very different than having sex. This involves lots of emotions and feelings of love. You cannot make love with someone you don’t love. That’s just sex. Of course that most women make love because they are not intimate with men unless they have feelings for them. Yet, this doesn’t mean that guys don’t make love, even though they can also have sex without a problem. In fact, men are
01-09-2022 @ 15:14
Today, many people believe that relationships are hard. The truth is that relationships are not hard at all, people make them hard. Things are quite simple actually. If you want to have a strong connection with your partner, then you must follow some simple yet very important steps. Read this article for more useful information. Many people don’t invest in their relationships For example, a man
18-08-2022 @ 11:49
There are lots of people who are single these days, and many of them are 40-year old or even older. Some are divorced and some haven’t found the right person. What are the reasons for such a situation? And, do these people still have a chance to find the right person? Well, let’s find out what experts in relationships say about this. Why so many people are still single? As mentioned at the beg